icon_events.png  AABL Update for NYC


For New York City Applicants - Students applying to a school requiring AABL for admission in the 2017 school year, registration will open in late August.


AABL administrations will take place each morning beginning in November. Please check with the school(s) to which you are applying to identify deadlines for applications and score reports. 


Family Resources

ERB works directly with families, easing the process for your admission staff. Our in-depth What to Expect on AABL and the AABL Quickfacts guides are available as PDF downloads at no cost. These guides provide families with all the information they need for registering their child for AABL and getting them ready for test day. What to Expect on AABL videos for each level (PreK, K, and Grade 1) are also available for families to review prior to test day. Parents can register their child for AABL through ERB's Admission portal.



icon_book.pngwhat to expect on AABL

Parents and schools are encouraged to download and review our free What to Expect on AABL guide. Schools may also download this guide to provide it as a resource to parents. 




icon_demo.pngwhat to expect on AABL - videos


What To Expect - PreK 

What To Expect - Kindergarten

What To Expect - Grade 1


icon_question.pngQuestions You May Receive From Applicant Families:


Candidates for Grades: Pricing
PreK, K, and Grade 1 $65.00


Registration fees are the responsibility of the applicant family; fee waivers are available for families in need. For additional information about fees associated with AABL such as late registration, change of registration, or refunds, please refer to the What to Expect on AABL guide.

Summary of Basic Services

Testing Fee $65.00

Registration is only available online


Change of Registration Fee $25.00

Registration for all AABL appointments will be considered closed two weeks prior to the test event (10 business days). Changes made on or within 10 days of the scheduled test date will incur a $25 service fee.


Refund Request Fee $25.00

If for some reason you will not be taking AABL after registering for it, you may receive a refund. Please call the operations office within 2 weeks of the scheduled test date for a refund. All refunds will have a $25.00 service fee deducted.


No Show Fee $65.00

Not arriving for a schedule appointment will result in full cost of the test.

AABL fee waivers

AABL fee waivers are available for families in need.  For information about obtaining a fee waiver for AABL, please contact AABL Operations at (877) 957-3222 or aabl-ops@erblearn.org.