Board of Trustees


Cheryl Maloney, Ph.D.

Superintendent (Retired)

Dr. Cheryl Ryan Maloney retired in 2015 as Superintendent of Schools in the Weston (Massachusetts) Public Schools. She began her career as associate editor for social studies with the Riverside Publishing Company, a publisher of clinical and educational standardized tests. Her work as an editor subsequently involved her in such projects as adapting high school history texts for use by mainstreamed special education students. 


Dr. Maloney joined the Weston Public School District in 1985 as a history teacher in the Weston High School. She served subsequently as chair of the middle and high school history department, as assistant principal, and as assistant superintendent of schools before becoming Weston’s superintendent in 2008. 


Dr. Maloney’s career in education has been marked by a commitment to global educational experiences and exchanges. She was part of teacher and administrator exchange programs with China, Uganda and Finland. Dr. Maloney has also served on a number of social service volunteer boards, including service as board chair of the EDCO Collaborative, as alliance of 16 urban and suburban school districts in the Boston metropolitan area focused on educational equity through the provision of services to at-risk students. 


Dr. Maloney has a bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College, a master’s degree in history from Boston College and a Ph.D. in educational administration also from Boston College.