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Test Site Notes | 2021-22

The information on this page is intended to help ISEE Test Sites plan test administrations, access your data, and communicate with families. Please contact ISEE Operations with any questions.

It's time for ISEE testing!
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Testing Seasons

The ISEE may be taken by a student once per testing season.
ISEE Testing season graphic showing separation of Fall (August to November), Winter (December to March), and Spring (April to July)

2021-22 ISEE Quick Facts Guide

ERB provides an ISEE Quick Facts Guide with detailed information about the ISEE. Guides are provided free of charge to schools.

To order your supply of printed Guides, please visit select “Purchase Order Number” and type in “QF2021”  on the payment method page.

For assistance, please contact the ISEE Operations Office at 1-800-446-0320 (9-5 EST) or  

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  • Cloning testing events from previous year will expedite your test setup process. Review all of the cloned components for accuracy to ensure that your test event is as desired.

  • Signing up to be a test site allows you access to fee waivers, which covers the testing fee for student recipients. To request fee waivers, please click here.

  • Your school can choose to make test events "Open" to the public, or "Closed" for your applicants only. These decisions can be made on an administration-by-administration basis.

Not a test site?

Download our test site application to become an ISEE test site today. And for potential online testers, see our Online Readiness Questionnaire.
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