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For homeschool and remote learners, ERB is proud to offer the highest quality assessments and learning tools to help your students master core academic skills and track their learning growth. Each of these assessments and learning tools can be accessed online from anywhere.

Homeschool families can purchase ERB Assessments through our homeschool partners. Please see below for details.

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learning tools

Help your students master writing skills and build their vocabularies for improved reading comprehension, increased academic achievement, and more learning enjoyment.

An African-American student works at her white laptop computer.

Writing Practice

For Grades 3-12

Writing Practice is a time-tested resource for helping students improve their writing from anywhere. With customizable, self-paced curricula, you can choose what types of writing prompts to assign to tailor courses to your student's unique strengths, needs, and interests.

"We've finally found what we're looking for... ! After just one week I see improvement in [my students'] writing and understanding of essay type, structure, and content. The rubrics are great baselines as to what makes a good essay, and the lessons and example essays are helpful tools for improvement. I am proud to see my kids working independently and successfully to reach their writing goals!"

— Wendy McClellan, Parent
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Word Voyage Vocabulary Builder

For students in Grades 4-12

Students with increased academic vocabularies achieve greater reading comprehension, more enjoyment of reading, superior writing, and higher standardized test scores. Help your students improve their diction with this easy-to-use online program accessible anywhere, anytime.

"I have used Word Voyage for the past five years because the program explores words more deeply and thoroughly than any other vocabulary text or program I've seen. The customer service is unparalleled; you can expect almost immediate assistance! The company continually improves its offerings. My students are enjoying the new games!"

Lisa Robbins, Middle School English Teacher, Dana Hall School

learning assessments

Trusted by homeschool families and independent schools across the country.

Does your learner need to take an annual standardized assessment?

Do you want to track your student's learning over time?

Do you want a professionally proctored, nationally-normed exam?

Comprehensives from ERB might be for you!

Comprehensives from ERB

Tracking homeschoolers' academic growth is crucial to ensure that they are properly challenged and meeting learning goals. Our time-tested Comprehensives from ERB include both the CTP and Milestone Assessments to help you stay on top of your learners' progress securely wherever they live and learn.

We recommend using CTP and Milestones in tandem for the most accurate academic progress tracking. Test CTP in the Fall or Spring and use Milestones to check in with your students across the rest of the year. These assessments are only available to families through one of our homeschool partners (below).

Why CTP and Milestone Assessments from ERB?

Nationally normed standardized assessments that meet many state homeschool annual testing requirements.

Meets many states' testing requirements.

CTP and Milestones are nationally normed standardized assessments and meet annual testing requirements for homeschoolers in many states. Please check your state's specific requirements to confirm whether Comprehensives from ERB might work for your family.

Test when you want.

CTP and Milestones can be administered across testing seasons so that you can choose when to evaluate your students. Some homeschoolers prefer to test at the start of the year to see where learners are at the outset; others prefer to test at the end of the year to check academic growth. The choice is yours!

Test what you want.

With CTP and Milestones, flexibility comes baked in! You can choose the subtests that best match your needs and your student's learning goals. Administer any or all of the subtests—how you use Comprehensives is up to you!

Results are relative.

Want to know how your students' academic growth compares to that of other, similar learners? With CTP and Milestones, you have a range of available norms against which you can compare your students' performance, including the highly competitive independent school norm.

Choose your own provider.

ERB works with several trusted homeschool partners to deliver our online assessments to homeschool student, and proctors are fully vetted and professionally trained to ensure a smooth experience. This gives families flexibility to find tests at times and prices that work best for you.



The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) is trusted by schools and homeschool organizations around the world. Available for students in Grades 1-11, this summative, once-per-year exam measures student performance across a range of subject areas:
Quantitative Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Reading Comprehension
Writing Mechanics
Writing Concepts and Skills
Auditory Comprehension
Milestones add a power up to the once-annual CTP by providing accurate learning check-ins across the year. Following the same norms and learning standards as CTP, Milestone Assessments are streamlined and focus exclusively on the critical subject areas of Reading Comprehension and Mathematics. Administered in 40-minute modules, Milestones were designed to be flexible and fit into every homeschooler's curriculum.
Why Reading Comprehension and Mathematics? Because a survey of thousands of educators told us that those are the subjects most important to them! For homeschoolers, these are also the subjects that capture the broadest picture of your learner's academic development.

Testing Options




Fall CTP + Milestones
Spring CTP + Milestones
Milestones Only

Our Homeschool Partners

Interested in CTP or Milestones for your homeschoolers? You can purchase ERB Comprehensives through our homeschool community partners!

Pricing and availability may vary. Please check our partner websites below for more information.

Homeschool Testing Services is more than an end-of-year testing company. HTS understands the need for healthy assessment when it comes to students' personal growth, and provides families around the world with opportunities to test, assess, and encourage learning for their children.
With multiple products and test modalities available, HTS makes testing homeschool students as simple as possible. Providing regular and appropriate assessments for student is critical to learning; this is what drives us, and is captured by our motto: "Healthy Assessment Strengthens Families."
As of February 2021, families can purchase CTP Online for homeschool use exclusively through HTS. Please click 'learn more' below for additional details.

Our homeschool partners also include:

The purpose of Classical Conversations® is to lead the home-centered education movement by teaching parents and students the classical tools of learning so that they can discover God’s created order and beauty— and as a result— enable others to do the same.
Classical Conversations fulfills its mission and purpose by establishing and supporting Classical Conversations communities across the United States and in several countries, and by empowering parents in the classical, Christian teaching of their children through Parent Practicums. We enable parents everywhere to equip their children with a Christ-centered worldview and the classical “tools of learning” in order to impact the world for God’s glory.
HSLDA is a non-profit advocacy organization that has made homeschooling possible for 35 years by protecting families and equipping them to provide a customized educational experience for their children.
Members enjoy benefits like legal protection for their homeschool, personalized educational guidance, practical resources, and discounts on our online high school courses and from national retailers.
Veritas' roots are as a K-12 curriculum provider to homeschool families and private Christian schools. After 10 years of assisting families to choose the best curriculum for their children and navigate the difficult landscape of not only preparing for college but for life beyond college, we realized that with new technology we could help our families even more.

ATC has been supporting homeschool families and beyond through a variety of services - including academic assessment - in North Carolina for over 20 years. Prior to that, the homeschool mom & founder taught in public school for 11 years.

We believe you are in charge of your student's success, and that continual assessment, planning, teaching, and evaluation are integral parts of education. We understand that a single test does not define your child. What we do is help you use this one piece of your assessment puzzle to give you guidance on your educational goals; affirming what you already have assessed about your student, measuring growth over time, building test-taking skills (life is full of tests) and offering outside feedback.

Families keep coming back to ATC year after year because they foster an atmosphere of trust, commitment to students achieving their full potential, and making learning - and even testing - fun!

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