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Senior Director, Admissions Programs

Location: Remote; New York City Mid-Town ERB Office

(All staff are currently working from home)

Reports To: Chief Marketing Officer

ERB is a not-for-profit educational advisory group that provides educators and families with a more complete understanding of the whole student.  K-12 schools around the world rely on ERB to provide them with an integrated suite of assessments, insights, and analytics that track the complete student journey--assessing academic ability, learning achievement, and social and emotional learning competencies.
Position Summary
The Senior Director, Admission Programs is the public face of the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE). Accepted by more than 1,200 independent and other private schools around the world, the ISEE is the most trusted admissions assessment tool available, and an important part of well-rounded admissions processes. The ISEE empowers schools to objectively compare student applicants alongside (or in the absence of) other admissions inputs.
This position is charged with developing and executing the go-to-market strategy targeting admission teams at independent and other private schools globally.  The Senior Director maintains a national network of relationships with Admission Officers that enables the ISEE program to be responsive to their needs.  The individual also supports schools and families in their adoption and/or use of the ISEE, and collaborates across the organization to ensure that the ISEE is well integrated with ERB’s portfolio of programs and services and positioned to meet member school needs in the best ways possible.
Major Responsibilities
External Outreach and Communications
  • Serves as the lead external spokesperson for ERB’s Admission Programs; participates in key admission seminars and conferences, and articulates thought leadership to promote ERB.
  • Assures that admission consortia and schools know how to maximize the benefits of the program.
  • Influences non-using schools and consortia to adopt ISEE as part of their admission process.
  • Leads company responses to requests for proposal for admission testing programs; manages the unique program needs of key ISEE accounts; and serves as the point of contact for these accounts.
  • Provides prompt, responses to customer service escalations; resolves time-sensitive customer needs; and applies key learnings from customer interactions to improve program features, services, and communications.
  • Collaborates with the Marketing Communications team to build capability presentations and other support materials; applies market research and data-driven approaches to target outreach efforts.
  • Designs key performance indicators (KPIs) with respect to ISEE adoption by existing ERB members and prospects.
  • Briefs the Member Support Group to ensure continuity of messaging and customer satisfaction across all touchpoints.
  • Collaborates with the Marketing Communications team on creating content and strategies for building ERB’s Family Network.
  • Serves as the lead in educating staff, schools, and families on the meaning and application of ISEE test scores.
Business Management
  • Develops and maintain a business plan focused on addressing the needs of the admission testing market, and execute marketing strategies that are aligned with ERB’s overall strategic plan.
  • Leads efforts to maintain the relevance of entrance exams to member schools by analyzing current and future admission professional needs.
  • Operates as part of the ERB leadership team and a key member of ERB’s marketing group; works with members of ERB’s senior management team to refine the business strategy for ERB’s Admission Programs; serves as the “voice of the customer” in collaboration with the program direction team on creating a roadmap of program enhancements to support this strategy; and integrates the ISEE with ERB’s array of other programs and services.
  • Works closely with schools and the ISEE team to plan all admission testing dates and locations.
  • Creates content and thought leadership communications regarding ISEE and the admissions process.
Ideal Experience
Ideally, the successful candidate will have a broad understanding of the use of standardized assessments for admission to selective schools and academic programs, as well as:
  • 5-7 years of management experience with a demonstrated performance record
  • B.A. or higher in education, statistics, or business administration
  • Deep understanding of the assessment industry
  • Prior experience in admissions and/or independent schools
  • Exceptional writing and presentation skills
  • Ethical conduct in all things
Special Demands
Travel will be required for the purpose of meeting with current members, prospects, thought leaders, or conducting workshops and attending conferences.
To apply for this position, please email a cover letter and resume to

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