Technical Advisory Committee


Laine P. Bradshaw, Ph.D.

Advisory Committee
University of Georgia

Dr. Laine Bradshaw is Associate Professor of Quantitative Methodology in the Educational Psychology Department at the University of Georgia, and formerly Assistant Professor in the Department of Graduate Psychology at James Madison University. Her research is focused on diagnostic measurement using diagnostic classification models (DCMs). Dr. Bradshaw seeks to refine multidimensional statistical methodologies that enable assessment results to provide useful information about students’ complex knowledge structures, including both concepts they understand and misconceptions they have. She has also worked on formative assessments for standards- or objectives-based curricula .


Dr. Bradshaw has published in journals including Psychometrika, Journal of Educational Measurement, Applied Psychological Measurement, and Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics Education and a PhD. in Research, Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics, all from the University of Georgia.