Board of Trustees

William Scott

Phillips Academy

William (Bill) Scott has been teaching high school mathematics for more than three decades and has been active in teacher training programs and curriculum development efforts both nationally and internationally. Since 1987 Mr. Scott has been on the math faculty of Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, where he has taught elementary algebra through the honors BC calculus course. As chair of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, Mr. Scott formed a partnership between Phillips Academy and Khan Academy to provide calculus content for the Khan Academy website – the first partnership of its kind. 


Mr. Scott has worked with inner-city math teachers as an instructor in the Andover-Dartmouth Math Institute, supporting math and science education for inner-city students from all over the United States. He has also offered in-service training programs to hundreds of high school math teachers in Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Miami, and Philadelphia. 


Mr. Scott has coached prep school soccer for more than three decades and has been a coach of six New England Prep School Championship teams at Suffield Academy. He has served as a workshop leader for the College Board and as a Senior Program Manager in the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning. In 2000 he received a Teacher Recognition Award from the U.S Department of Education’s Presidential Scholars Program.