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Need Accommodations? You must request accommodations before registering for a test.


 Test Dates, Locations, and Fees

Registering online is the fastest and easiest way to secure a testing date. If you are a parent or guardian, you should create a parent account online where you can register and manage testing for multiple students. Each student within your parent account will have a separate profile, testing dates, and score reports. If you plan to request accommodations for your student(s), you must do so before registering for a test date. There are a variety of locations at which your student(s) can take the ISEE. Testing fees and test format availability will vary by location. 



Large Group Testing (at a School)

Many ERB member schools offer ISEE testing for the convenience of local students and families. The number of students testing at a site will vary by school. Testing format availability (paper or online) will vary by location. ERB provides these schools with standard administration procedures.


Mail-In Registration* $120 Contact any school to which your student is applying to request a form.
Online Registration $120
Phone Registration $145

1 (800) 446-0320 or (919) 956-8524


*Please allow at least five business days for mailing. We recommend that you make a copy of the completed ISEE Registration Form for your own records. Please remember that your testing information is taken directly from your Registration Form. If your form is incorrect, your registration information may also be incorrect. If the requested test date and location are no longer available by the time your registration form is received, ERB will register your student for an alternate date and/or location. 



Late Registration


Space permitting, you may register for a large group test after regular registration has closed.


Regular registration closes three weeks prior to the test date. A family has up until two weeks before the test date to make a late registration. The additional fees for this late application are as follows:


Online Late Registration $145
Phone Late Registration $170

1 (800) 446-0320 or (919) 956-8524



Small Group Testing (at an ISEE Testing Office)

Various testing offices offer small group ISEE testing. The number of students testing will vary by location. Testing format availability (paper or online) will also vary by location.  ERB provides these locations with standard administration procedures.


Available Testing Offices


Mail-In Registration $195 Contact any school to which your student is applying to request a form.
Online Registration $195
Phone Registration* $220

Please browse test dates and call the desired location directly. 

Individual Testing $225

Limited availability. Please browse test dates and contact the desired location directly for availability.




New York City Office Testing

ERB's New York City office offers small group testing for ISEE Primary (online only) and ISEE (paper only). For ISEE Primary testing, parents should remain on-site with their student for the duration of the test.  


ISEE Primary (applicants to grades 2 - 4) Online Registration $150
ISEE (applicants to grades 5 - 12) Online Registration $195

Walk-In Registration

Walk-in registration is available at limited test sites and dates. Walk-in registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and availability cannot be guaranteed due to limited test materials and staff. Please browse test dates and  call the test site directly to see if a walk-in registration can be accommodated. Walk-in testers should allow two extra business days to receive scores. Walk-in registration is only available at select ISEE school test sites. 


In addition to the standard test day materials, walk-in registration candidates must bring:


  • A completed* Registration Form (contact any school to which your student is applying to request a form).
  • The standard test fee plus the $40 walk-in registration fee. Test sites accept check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Checks should be made out to Educational Records Bureau. No cash payments accepted. 


*Scoring is delayed if your Registration Form is not properly completed.



 Testing at Prometric

Prometric testing centers offer the ISEE test in the online format for students entering Grades 5-12. Over 400 Prometric testing centers are located around the globe to administer secure, standardized tests for a variety of organizations. Families should be aware that there will be other students and adults taking other types of tests at these centers. A parent or guardian is required to stay on-site with the student for the duration of the test. Students automatically type the essay at Prometric.



Rescheduling and Canceling

Rescheduling fees, cancellation fees, and refunds will vary depending on testing location and the amount of advance notice you provide. Please review our fee schedules and policies carefully.


Large or Small Group Testing (at a school or testing office)

There is a fee to reschedule an ISEE large group or small group test at an ISEE test site school or ISEE testing office. Cancellation fees and refunds are determined by how many days prior to the test date you cancel your student's test. You may log in to your parent account online to reschedule or cancel your student's test or contact us by phone.


Change Test Online  or call 1 (800) 446-0320.



Reschedule Fee

$35 You will incur a rescheduling fee if you reschedule a test at any time.


Cancellation Fees and Refunds

Refund Less $45 Fee

If you cancel at least 1 day before the test date you will be charged a $45 cancellation fee. Your original testing fee will be refunded less this cancellation fee. Any rescheduling fees you may have incurred are not refunded.
No Refund

If you cancel on or after the test date you will not receive a refund for your original registration fee or any other fees incurred.


Prometric Testing

Rescheduling and cancellation fees at Prometric are determined by how many days prior to the test date you request to cancel or reschedule your student's test. It is best to cancel or reschedule a test as soon as possible in order to avoid any fees. Log in to your parent account online to cancel or reschedule an appointment.




Prometric Reschedule Fees
No Fee If you reschedule 15 days or more before the test date.

If you reschedule 14 to 5 days before the test date.


If you reschedule 5 days or less before the test date. You cannot reschedule after the test date has passed. If you do not appear for your test, your registration is canceled and you will not receive a refund. 



Prometric Cancellation Fees and Refunds
Full Refund If you cancel 15 days or more before the test date.


Less $30 Fee

If you cancel 14 to 5 days before the test date. Your testing fee will be refunded less the $30 fee.

No Refund If you cancel 5 days or less before the test date or do not appear for your test date.


Ben D. Wood Fee Waiver Program

Dr. Ben D. Wood was actively involved in the activities of ERB throughout his life. A grant to defray the costs for testing was established in his honor in 1985. Students in financial need may apply for an ISEE registration fee waiver which covers the cost of large group testing at a school or testing at a Prometric testing office. Fee waivers cover only the standard registration fee—not any additional or optional fees.


Fee waivers are granted only by schools—not the ISEE Operations Office or ERB. To request a fee waiver, please contact one of the schools to which your student is applying.