What's New?

Read up on CTP's newest enhancments! For now, you can take advantage of the "refreshed" CTP 4R as you get excited about the release of CTP 5 in Fall 2018! Check back with this page often for the latest updates and details about CTP!


Update about CTP 4 and CTP 4R

Coming Fall 2018! CTP 5

















icon3.pngAttention CTP Paper/Pencil Users


Due to our upcoming transition to CTP 5, these materials are usable only through August 17, 2018, at which point they must be destroyed. DO NOT ORDER CTP 4 OR CTP 4R BOOKS OR ANSWER SHEETS FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR. 


Please note that there are two different versions of CTP paper/pencil testing, CTP 4 and CTP 4R. Be sure to purchase materials specific to the version you wish to administer. Each version requires unique test books, answer documents, and reporting packages. 




icon_interpretation.pngComing Fall 2018! CTP 5

We’ve partnered with the assessment experts at ETS (Educational Testing Service) and a task force of ERB member schools to bring you CTP’s next iteration—CTP 5. CTP 5 launches in Fall 2018 and is designed to assess the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for success in the 21st century. 



Retaining Trusted Exisiting Features 

Rigor, test specifications, and content areas

Test timing and test length


Longitudinal scale enabling measurement and comparability over time

Choice of paper or online test modality

Adding Valuable New Features

New ELA reading passages and multiple-choice items that provide greater emphasis on depth of knowledge.  
Increased mix of conceptual understanding and problem solving items in math subtests.
A new score scale will offer more intuitive insights into student learning across different levels, enabling us to report individual student growth across a five-year time span.
New score reports will provide information in a readily interpretable format. provide administrators, teachers, and parents with the information most important to them in a readily interpretable format.


We have provided you with much information about the upcoming changes for CTP. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them. Please email any questions to CTPredesign@erblearn.org.