What's New?

icon_news-1.pngImportant Updates for 2017-18


We know how important it is to plan ahead—so before you pull out those flip-flops, dust off your shades, and stock up on sunscreen here’s a quick “heads up” about the CTP enhancements to expect this fall!


Introducing CTP 4R

CTP 5 Coming Fall 2018

CTP 5 Coming Fall 2018

Preview! Start thinking about CTP 5 for Fall 2018.






icon3.pngIntroducing CTP 4R


In Fall 2016 we introduced a “refreshed” version of the CTP, called the CTP 4R. Administration procedures, scoring, and scope and sequence remain unchanged—we’ve simply replaced a selection of items with new items containing more contemporary subject matter. All CTP Online tests are automatically updated with the refreshed CTP 4R content. CTP 4 (paper) users may choose to continue using the CTP 4 or migrate to CTP 4R for all students or just specific grade levels. 


What do you have to do?


You’re not required to do anything. If you’re a CTP (paper) user, you can continue administering CTP 4 with your existing materials or you can choose to administer CTP 4R. To administer CTP 4R, you will need to purchase new testing materials and reporting packages that are unique to CTP 4R.


Interested in Free CTP 5 Materials?


Participate in our One-For-One (1F1) promotion and we’ll replace your CTP 4R paper materials with CTP 5 paper materials free of charge when you agree to field test CTP 5 content. CTP 5 is scheduled for release in 2018. Email us for additional information.


Terms and conditions apply.





icon_interpretation.pngCTP 5 Coming Fall 2018

ERB is working with ETS (Educational Testing Service) and an advisory committee on a full redesign of CTP, available to member schools in Fall 2018. This next generation of CTP is known as CTP 5. The advisory committee includes teachers and administrators from a cross section of ERB member schools who themselves are CTP 4 users. The advisory committee plays a central role in the development of CTP 5, as they review, revise, and approve all CTP 5 items to develop a new and improved CTP. CTP 5 will provide deeper insight into student learning while retaining the test structure that member schools have come to understand and appreciate.



Retaining Valued Features 

What Remains the Same

Rigor, test specifications, and content areas

Test timing and test length



Longitudinal scale enabling measurement and comparability over time

Choice of paper or online test modality

Valuable New Features of CTP 5 

What's New

New items* for paper and online tests

Items with higher Depth of Knowledge levels
Math items have an increased mix of Conceptual Understanding and Problem Solving items
ELA passages have increased complexity as well as nonfiction and inter-disciplinary content
New constructed-response Levels 3 - 11 items


*Except Auditory Comprehension, Algebra I, and Levels 9 - 10 subtests.



We have provided you with much information about the upcoming changes for CTP. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them. Please email any questions to CTPredesign@erblearn.org.