Become a Test Site

Registering your school as an ECAA test site* offers applicant families a great opportunity to visit your facility and interact with your staff. 


ERB makes the process as seamless as possible, working directly with you to approve and register your school as an official test site. 


ERB will send our trained professionals to administer the ECAA assessment at your school. For your convenience and the convenience of your applicant families, testing may also be scheduled at ERB's New York City office. During the busy admission season, these flexible testing options allow your staff to focus on your admission process while ERB focuses on the administration of ECAA.


*Offered in the NYC and the surrounding area


 ECAA Test Site Criteria

Schools that wish to administer the ECAA must:


  • Be an ERB member. Learn more about becoming a member
  • Have a minimum of six students registered to take the ECAA during a given admission season
  • Allow ERB staff to visit your facility to verify that an appropriate testing space is available

Please note that on the day of ECAA testing, the school must be a neutral test site with no admission activities taking place that day