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Once my WrAP scores arrive, what's next?


The absolute essential first step in developing student writers is a benchmark assessment of a student’s current writing ability, and WrAP provides just thatbut what comes next?


The WRIIT (Writing Resources for Insight, Interpretation and Teaching) Library is the next step in building better writers and is available exclusively to ERB members. Power up your writing programs with the WRIIT Library's wide variety of resources that support student learning and curriculum development. The WRIIT library is free to ERB members during the introductory period.



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 How Can WRIIT Help?

The WRIIT Library contains all of the components that support an evidence-based approach to writing instruction.


Anchor Sets help examine students’ skills across grade levels, traits, and genres.

Learning Progressions help define a student’s development as a writer.

Sample Prompts and Essays help support instruction and inform curriculum development.

Many More materials are updated and added constantly.