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Once my WrAP scores arrive, what's next?


The absolute essential first step in developing student writers is a benchmark assessment of a student’s current writing ability, and WrAP provides just thatbut what comes next?


The WRIIT (Writing Resources for Insight, Interpretation and Teaching) Library is the next step in building better writers and is available exclusively to ERB members. Power up your writing programs with the WRIIT Library's wide variety of resources that support student learning and curriculum development. The WRIIT library is free to ERB members during the introductory period.


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Preparing Students for the Future:
A Roadmap to Improve Writing as a Key to Success 

Read Mari Pearlman's white paper about developing 'college-and-career ready' students by increasing writing mastery.





 How Can WRIIT Help?

The WRIIT Library contains all of the components that support an evidence-based approach to writing instruction.


Anchor Sets help examine students’ skills across grade levels, traits, and genres.

Learning Progressions help define a student’s development as a writer.

Sample Prompts and Essays help support instruction and inform curriculum development.

Many More materials are updated and added constantly. 

The resources in the WRIIT Library are intended to support actionable responses to questions like:

  • I don’t use WrAP, but I want some professionally developed writing prompts for practice—where can I find them?
  • What are the next steps in instruction that will lead to improvements in the student’s writing?
  • What kinds of practice should a teacher provide to move student writing forward?
  • How can students and teachers develop a common understanding of the features of effective writing and a vocabulary to describe those features?
  • How can student writing be compared to other students at the same or different levels?
  • What are reasonable expectations for growth in student writing over the course of one school year? Over several years?
  • How can a coherent school-wide writing program across multiple grade levels be designed?





Past Webinars


Thank you for joining us for our webinar series on the WRIIT tools. We appreciate your interest in WrAP and WRIIT, the recordings for Using the WrAP Individual Student Report to Improve Student Writing and Using WrAP Rubrics as the Foundation for Writing Instruction webinars are coming soon. To listen to the recordings for Using Anchor Sets and Prompts to Inform and Improve Student Writing and Using Learning Progressions to Design Continuous Improvement please click on the links below. For any questions about WrAP or WRIIT please email wriit@erblearn.org


Introducing the WRIIT Library


WRIIT This Way: WrAP + WRIIT Overview