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Modern Definition: 1) Harmless; producing no ill effect. 2) Not likely to offend or irritate.

Meaning Up From the Roots: Quality of not harming, not offending.


Root 1: in

Meaning: not


Root 2: nec, nic, noc, nox, nuis

Meaning: harm, offense, death, injury, damage, conflict


Root 3: uous

Meaning: quality of


Related Words: obnoxious, nectar, nuisance, pernicious






Modern Definition: (Of an action) convenient and practical. Fit or proper under the circumstances. Convenient, advantageous, useful, beneficial.

Meaning Up From the Roots:  quality of that which (gets the) foot out of (way).


Root 1: ex 

Meaning: out of


Root 2: ped

Meaning: foot


Root 3: ient

Meaning: quality of, that which


Related Words: millipede, pedal, impede, expedition, pedigree

Etymological Story: From Latin, expedire "free the feet from fetters." 







Modern Definition: Developed more than is natural or usual at a given age. Ripe or mature before the proper or natural time.

Meaning Up From the Roots:  Pertaining to cooked, ripened before (others)


Root 1: pre 

Meaning: before


Root 2: coc, coct, cuis, cuit, culin, kiln, kitch

Meaning: cook, ripen; room for cooking, cooking stove


Root 3: ious

Meaning: pertaining to


Related Words: concoction, culinary, kiln, biscuit, kitchenette, haute cuisine

Etymological Story: From Latin praecox "maturing early"








Modern Definition: 1.) Apparently right; seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance; credible; believable; having an appearance of truth or reason. 2.) Well-spoken and apparently, but often deceptively, worthy of confidence or trust.

Meaning Up From the Roots: Deserving of applause


Root 1: plaus
Meaning: applaud, clap, strike


Root 2: ible
Meaning: deserving of


Related Words: plaudit, implode, applaud, explosion








Modern Definition: 1) Having habits fixed by long continuance; confirmed; habitual. 2) Firmly established by long continuance; obstinate; deep-rooted; of long standing.

Meaning Up From the Roots: (Having the) quality of being old, long-standing upon (it).


Root 1: in

Meaning: on


Root 2: veter

Meaning: old, long-standing


Root 3: ate

Meaning: quality of


Related Words: veteran, veterinarian, vet, inveteracy






Modern Definition: Shortness of time or duration; shortness or conciseness of expression.

Meaning Up From the Roots: quality of short


Root 1: brev

Meaning: short


Root 2: ity

Meaning: quality of


Related Words: abbreviate, abbreviation, abridge, brief






Modern Definition: pertaining to, serving as or consisting of an object or a representation that functions as a symbol, representation or allegorical picture; symbolic

Meaning Up From the Roots: characterized by throwing (something) on


Root 1: em

Meaning: on


Root 2: ball, ble, blem, bol, bol(e)

Meaning: throw, cast; dance, throw oneself around


Root 3: atic

Meaning: characterized by


Related Words: hyperbole, parable, diabolically, ballerina

Etymological Story: from Greek, emblematikos "pertaining to embossed ornament"







Modern Definition: 1) A mark or visible sign left by something which is lost, or has perished, or is no longer present. 2) A surviving evidence or remainder of some condition, practice, etc. 3) A slight trace of something. 4) A small, degenerate, or imperfectly developed part which was more fully developed and performed a useful function in some earlier developmental stage. 

Meaning Up From the Roots: footprint

Root 1: vestig(e)
Meaning: footprint

Related Words: investigate, investigation, vestigial 




Modern Definition: 1) Persistent; obstinate; stubborn. 2) Holding fast, or characterized by keeping a firm hold; inclined to retain what is in possession; highly retentive. 3) Holding together; cohesive; tough.

Meaning Up From the Roots: tendency to hold, grasp, persist


Root 1: ten

Meaning: hold, reach, occupy, persist, remain, grasp


Root 2: acious
Meaning: tending to


Etymological Story: from Latin tenax "holing fast"
Related Words: untenable, countenance, tenacity, tenement, sustenance, lieutenant, retention, tenet, tenant, contented





Modern Definition: To make young again; to restore to youthful vigor, appearance, etc.; to give or get new life or energy. To restore to a former state; to make fresh or new again.
Meaning Up From the Roots: to make young again.


Root 1: re
Meaning: again


Root 2: juven
Meaning: young


Root 3: ate
Meaning: to make


Etymological Story: From Latin juvenis "young"
Related Words: juvenile, junior, June, Juno








Modern Definition: Not open to attack or assault, as by military force or argument. Not subject to denial or dispute.

Meaning Up From The Roots: Not able to be leaped to (overcome)


Root One: un

Meaning: not


Root Two: as

Meaning: to, toward, by


Root Three: sail

Meaning: leap, spring forward, jump


Root Four: able

Meaning: able to, can do


Related Words: assailant, assault, desultory, somersault, insult





Modern Definition: Fortunate; favorable; indicative of a successful outcome.

Meaning Up From The Roots: Pertaining to observing birds.

Etymological Story: Predicting events based on the flight of birds; for example, sea captains see the birds before they land.


Root One: au

Meaning: bird


Root Two: spic

Meaning: view, look, see


Root Three: ious

Meaning: pertaining to


Related Words: augur, suspicious, conspicuous, despicable



Modern Definition: 1) Characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent. 2) Intensely devoted, eager or enthusiastic; zealous. 3) Vehement; fierce. 4) Burning, fiery or hot.

Meaning Up From The Roots: Quality of burning.


Root One: ard

Meaning: burn


Root Two: ent

Meaning: quality of


Related Words: arson, ardor, arid



Modern Definition: 1) Faultless; flawless; irreproachable. 2) Not liable to sin; incapable of sin.

Meaning Up From The Roots: Not able to stumble, sin


Root One: im

Meaning: not


Root Two: pecc

Meaning: sin, stumble


Root Three: able

Meaning: able to


Related Words: peccadillo










A logophile is a person who loves words. A person who enjoys having an expansive vocabulary.  A person who loves the way words interact with each other to create sentences.


Modern Definition: a lover of words

Meaning Up From The Roots: Lover of words


Root One: logo

Meaning: words


Root Two: phile

Meaning: love, friend


Related Words: epilogue, monologue, prologue, syllogism, philosophy, bibliophile, philanthropy, Philadelphia, philosopher