At ERB, we are committed to serving students of all needs and learning differences.


Appropriate accommodations for AABL (PreK-Grade 1), ECAA (PreK-Grade 4), and ISEE (Grades 2-12) are available at select locations.  Please see the specific admission assessment that your child will be taking to understand how to apply for accommodations and the paperwork that is required.



icon_parents.pngAccommodations Overview



Entrance to PreK - Grade 1


A child with a documented disability may be eligible for accommodations on AABL. For information on accommodations for AABL and the required paperwork that needs to be completed, click here.



AABL Accommodations


Entrance To PreK – Grade 4


If your child is preparing to enter grades 3 or 4, accommodations are available for the Reading Comprehension portion of the ECAA. For informaiton about accommodations available for ECAA and the required forms to be completed, click here.


ECAA Accommodations


Entrance to Grades 2-12


ERB will make every effort to arrange special administrations for students who are unable to take the ISEE under standard conditions due to a documented learning difference. To register for ISEE accommodations, please click here.


ISEE Accommodations