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An ERB membership doesn't just give you access to our best-in-class academic assessment products and learning tools, it also makes you a part of our global educator and family community. Together we can advance educational opportunities for students around the world.

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To help defray development costs and to keep our testing programs competitive in price, ERB depends on the support of member schools who are asked to pay an annual membership fee of $425 ($220 for nursery schools and $295 for consultants and/or testing offices).

ERB is an industry-leading independent educational advisory. We thoughtfully track the entire student journey for Grades 1 – 12 with our integrated suite of products and services to assess and enhance academic ability, social maturity, and emotional awareness. In doing so, we help enable schools, educators, and families to unlock their students' full potential.

ERB is dedicated to supporting excellence in member schools by providing valid and reliable information for applicants and current students, covering their academic learning, social and emotional development, academic engagement, and sense of belonging in the school community. We believe that every child should have access to educational excellence in a school community that welcomes and supports them. To learn more, see our mission and DEIJ statements.

Featured Membership Benefits

Access to our proprietary assessment and learning tools.

Only ERB members can take advantage of our proprietary assessment products, including the ISEE (admissions), CTP, Milestone Assessments, Writing Assessment (WrAP), and Social-Emotional Learning.
We're also pleased to provide the WRIIT Library for writing free of charge to ERB members, with sample essays, writing prompts, writing lesson plans, anchor sets, and more!

Support from a dedicated ERB expert advisor.

When you become an ERB member, the gates to our assessment products don't simply open to you: we're there to greet you and walk with you every step of the way.
As an ERB member, you'll be paired with a dedicated expert that can help you set up and administer assessments, use your data to enhance curriculum decisions and lesson plans, and communicate with colleagues and families about testing.
"We are members of the best standardized testing program in the country!
— Principal, ERB Member School

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    Join 2,000 other schools around the world.

    As an ERB member, your school may administer ERB's achievement products and administer and accept the ISEE, ERB's flagship admission assessment. You can also access ERB's supplemental learning tools. Members also receive complimentary support from ERB’s expert academic consultants, to help you understand and utilize your assessment data. We are proud to be your partners in education.

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