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ERB will make every effort to accommodate students who are unable to take the ISEE under standard conditions due to a documented learning difference or physical challenge.

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Overview and Eligibility

Do not register for a test date before receiving an accommodations decision by email. The formal review and approval process can take up to two weeks once your completed accommodations request documentation is received. Approved accommodation(s) are valid for 15 months from the date of approval. Any accommodations that your student receives are not noted on score reports.
Requests are not reviewed until both the current school statement form and eligible supporting documentation are received. Accommodations requests are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Students who are eligible for accommodations must:
Have a diagnosed disability that necessitates accommodation(s).
Have complete and current documentation that establishes a need for the requested accommodation(s).
Due to a disability, is granted and utilizes the requested accommodation(s) on a regular basis in his or her current academic setting as a necessity for demonstrating true aptitude.
Students recovering from a temporary disability such as a broken arm or concussion do not qualify for testing accommodations on the ISEE. Please consider testing at a later date.

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Supporting Documentaion

All accommodations requests must include supporting documentation. These documents may include one or more of the following:
A complete psycho-educational evaluation dated within the last three years.
An IEP or 504 Plan from the current calendar year. 
A school accommodation plan from the current calendar year (based on testing within the last three years).
A letter from a medical doctor if the accommodations are required due to a medically-treated issue (some types of chronic disease) or a physical disability (legal blindness, deafness, paralysis, etc.).
A statement that must be completed, signed, and dated by your student's current school. 
A complete and detailed list of all supporting documentation and current school statement requirements are included on the accommodations request form. Please refer to this form for more information.

Request Process

Please note that ISEE test sites offer only specific accommodations and most do not offer all accommodations. We cannot guarantee that a test site will offer all of your students approved accommodations. If the approved accommodation(s) for your student are not offered at any available test sites, you will need to arrange for an individual ISEE administration with the admission office of one of the ISEE test site schools to which your student is applying

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Create an Account

Create a parent account online, add your student(s) to the account, and request an accommodations request form through your account.

Submit an Accommodations Request Form

You will receive an ISEE Accommodations Request Form at the email address associated with your parent account. Please read the entire form thoroughly before completing and submitting the form.

Register for a Test

Once you receive an email with your student's accommodation(s) decision, you may register for a test online. Be sure to register for a test that offers your approved accommodation(s) or remove any approved accommodation(s) in order to register for a test that does not offer all of your student's accommodation(s).

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