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We recommend registering as early as possible in order to secure your ideal date, as test dates fill up quickly. We also recommend that you verify any application deadlines with the schools to which your student is applying to ensure that score reports are received in a timely manner. Registration closes two weeks before a test date.

Registering online is the fastest and easiest way to secure a testing date. Creating an account online allows you to manage testing for multiple students including their profile information, accommodations, testing dates, and score reports.

Test Locations

There are a variety of locations at which your student can take the ISEE. Testing fees, options, and test format availability will vary by location. ERB provides these locations with standard administration procedures.


Hundreds of ERB Member Schools offer ISEE testing on their campuses for the convenience of local students and families.

Testing Offices

Testing offices located across the United States and abroad offer small group and/or individual testing.

ERB Test Sites

These test sites are currently only located in the New York City and Los Angeles areas.


Prometric Test Centers offer the most flexible testing options with over 400 locations around the globe as well as at home testing options.

At-Home Testing

To ensure student safety and comfort, ERB offers multiple at-home ISEE testing options, with on-demand exams available via ProProctor, as well as school-administered at-home exams.
LocationFormats OfferedGroup Types
School Test Site
Testing Office
Small Group
ERB Satellite Test Site
PaperSmall Group
Prometric Test Center
OnlineSmall Group
At Home Testing
Please note that test format, group type, and other testing options will vary depending on the specific test site selected. Not all test sites can accommodate the same testing options.

View member schools in your area.

    Prometric Test Centers

    ISEE testing is currently available at Prometric Test Centers, where possible, in the U.S. and Canada. Please check the status of test centers in your area.

    Prometric testing centers offer the ISEE test in the online format for students entering Grades 5-12. Over 400 Prometric testing centers are located around the globe to administer secure, standardized tests for a variety of organizations. Families should be aware that there will be other students and adults taking other types of tests at these centers. A parent or guardian is required to stay on-site with the student for the duration of the test. Students automatically type the essay at Prometric.

    ISEE At Home Testing

    ERB is excited to announce new at-home testing options to ensure that students can complete their school applications safely and securely. Explore our at-home testing options today.

    Prepare for Success

    We offer a variety of resources and tips to help you and your student feel prepared for test day including, sample questions, interactive preparation options, and items to bring on test day.

    Testing Fee Waiver Programs

    Fee waivers to defray the costs of testing are available for families in financial need. The Dr. Ben D. Wood fee waiver covers the large group testing fee at a school. Dr. Wood was actively involved in the activities of ERB and remained engaged in our organization throughout his life. This fee waiver was established in his honor in 1985. The Dr. David Magill fee waiver covers only the Prometric testing fee.
    Fee waiver inquiries should be addressed to the school(s) to which the candidate is applying, not the ISEE Operations Office or ERB. Please contact a school to which you are applying for information on receiving a waiver. Only schools that are ISEE test sites may issue a Ben D. Wood fee waiver.

    Does your student qualify for testing accommodations? You must request accommodations well in advance of registering for a test.

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