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ERB is a not-for-profit member-based organization with a nearly century-long history of serving independent schools. We help enable everyone — schools, educators, and families — to be a part of unlocking student potential. With our portfolio, we support educators in thoughtfully and thoroughly tracking the entire student journey, extending beyond the measures of academic performance to include understanding students' well-being, belonging, and social-emotional skills.

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At ERB, all we see is potential. That’s our aspirational vision for how we interact with and serve our member schools and how we ensure every student can benefit from learning paths that meet the needs of the whole child. We are committed to advancing every student's potential by leveraging data-driven insights to support educators and families and drive student growth

Become a Member School

An ERB membership unlocks access to our portfolio of assessments and measurement tools to better understand the whole child and enables you to become part of a community of like-minded educators. By becoming a member, you can better understand and leverage data to help every student achieve their learning goals and reach their full potential.

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The People of ERB

We are the trusted leader in assessment and data-driven insights for independent school educators and families, supporting the growth of the whole child. Get to know our leadership team here and learn more about our unique approach to measuring student growth.

Our Values

Equity in Education and Assessment

We value the role of member schools in advancing every student’s full potential with access to quality education for all students.

Support for the Whole Child

We understand the importance of social-emotional learning, student engagement, and fairness and belonging in the student journey.

Holistic Measurement and Assessment

We value educators’ use of data-powered insights to drive student growth and offer support in data analysis and interpretation.

Advancing Student Growth

We value learning progression and identify pathways for educators to drive growth so students can reach their full potential.

A History of Pursuing Potential

“To create testing and learning solutions that would help
schools develop improved curriculum based on results,
thus helping students gain a better education.”

—ERB founder, Dr. Charles K. Taylor, 1927

A Brief History...

Founded by Dr. Charles K. Taylor at Columbia University. State University of NY Charter created
Dr. Ben D. Wood publishes "Achievement Testing Program in Independent Schools and Supplementary Studies"
Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) launched
WrAP launched
ISEE Online becomes available
ERB 360 Access launched

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