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ERB (Educational Records Bureau) is an industry-leading independent educational advisory. We thoughtfully track the entire student journey for Grades 1 – 12 with our integrated suite of products and services to assess and enhance academic ability, social maturity, and emotional awareness. In doing so, we help enable schools, educators, and families to unlock their students' full potential.

Our Mission

At ERB, we believe in the power of unlocking every student’s full potential with access to quality education for all learners, regardless of their background or circumstances.  
ERB is committed to equity in testing and is accountable for providing resources and insights to families and schools worldwide to accurately track student achievement and help each student reach their learning goals. We provide equitable access to our services in the form of fee waivers and free test preparation resources for families.
ERB also supports ongoing professional development of staff in member schools, helping them use assessment data in context to understand and unlock student potential.


We work diligently to ensure that our learning solutions are accessible to every student and family, regardless of means or where they live, and thereby improve access to high-quality educational opportunities around the world. 


We provide insight into our testing methodologies to inspire trust and invite feedback that helps us improve.


We prioritize and respond to the current needs of our member schools and families to meet them where they are.
As schools and students evolve, ERB does too.


We design and publish only the highest quality assessments and learning tools because we know that they play critical roles in students’ academic journeys by helping educators prepare them for success.

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The People of ERB

We are your partners in education, committed to helping every student succeed. Get to know our leadership team here and learn more about our unique approach to academic analytics.

A History of Pursuing Potential

“To create testing and learning solutions that would help
schools develop improved curriculum based on results,
thus helping students gain a better education.”

—ERB founder, Dr. Charles K. Taylor, 1927

This was Dr. Charles K. Taylor’s founding mission when he created ERB in 1927. Over the last near century, we’ve listened closely and responded to changes in the education field, continuously evolving our products, services, and mission to help unlock the potential of every learner.

A Brief History...

1927 1949 1989 1991 2010 2020
Founded by Dr. Charles K. Taylor at Columbia University. State University of NY Charter created
Dr. Ben D. Wood publishes "Achievement Testing Program in Independent Schools and Supplementary Studies"
Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) launched
WrAP launched
ISEE Online becomes available
ERB 360 Access launched

A Brief History...

Founded by Dr. Charles K. Taylor at Columbia University. State University of NY Charter created
Dr. Ben D. Wood publishes "Achievement Testing Program in Independent Schools and Supplementary Studies"
Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) launched
WrAP launched
ISEE Online becomes available
ERB 360 Access launched

For Educators and Families

Learning doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom. That’s why we offer solutions and resources for both educators and families, and support students through their entire academic journey.

Insights in Action

Using CTP to Target Individualized Instruction

See how an ERB member school created a
program of individualized instruction.

Moving Beyond Algorithms

Developing Mathematical Understanding by using CTP data to inform curriculum changes that better position students for success.

Nurturing Lifelong Learning by Monitoring Student Progress

Activating a school's mission by investigating student growth over time.

Become a Member School

An ERB membership is more than the use of our best-in-class academic assessments. Membership is joining a global community of educators and access to ERB experts who can help you understand and—more importantly—activate your students’ assessment data to help every student achieve their learning goals.

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