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Accepted by over 1,200 independent schools around the world, the ISEE is the most trusted admissions assessment tool available for students in Grades 2-12, and with the most testing options of any entrance exam, including online, paper-based, and at-home administrations, ISEE is also the most flexible assessment option for select families.

The ISEE isn’t like every other admissions test, because it not only measures what students know, it also measures how they think.

This means that students have multiple opportunities to shine and show their application schools what they are capable of. And because the ISEE is secure and reliable, your student can test confidently knowing that they’re being assessed fairly in four critical areas:

Reading Comprehension
Verbal Reasoning
Quantitative Reasoning
Mathematics Achievement

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Most available testing options.

No matter where your family lives, you can get access to an ISEE test when and how works best for you, including in-person and remote testing.

Unlimited testing opportunities.

We know that students don’t always get their desired score their first time out. That’s why we let students take the ISEE once per testing season for a total of three times per school year.

No penalties for incorrect answers.

When other tests penalize students for incorrect answers, they encourage students to skip questions rather than use their intuition, tap into contextual clues, and make educated guesses. By not penalizing students, the ISEE enables students to present their best self on test day, helping them secure admission to schools that are a good academic fit.

Dedicated support team.

The ISEE is backed by a dedicated support team. We’re here every day to ensure that test administrations run smoothly, and help families with registration and whatever ISEE questions you encounter. With ISEE from ERB, help is just a click or call away.

Prepare for Success

Test Innovators provides engaging, interactive preparation tools to help every ISEE registrant fully demonstrate their academic abilities on the test. With multiple program tiers to choose from, including a free trial version, every student can prepare for success with Test Innovators—no matter where they live. Use the link below to learn more about why more than 130,000 students have prepared with Test Innovators.

Testing Seasons




Aug | Spet | Oct | Nov
Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar
Apr | May | Jun | Jul

Students can take the ISEE as many times as they’d like, with a limit of once per testing season. This means that if a student takes the exam in September, they’d need to wait until December for the Winter Testing Season (or later) to retake the ISEE.

Download the ISEE Quick Facts Guide for details on how to register, the types of questions students will encounter on the exam, and preparing for test day.

Levels and Test Timing

A student's testing level is determined by the grade to which the student is applying for admission—not a student's current grade. The ISEE has four levels. All levels of the ISEE test include both reading and mathematics multiple-choice questions as well as a writing prompt. The number of questions and test timing vary by level.


The ISEE is available in both online and paper testing formats. Format availability varies by level and test location. Both modalities have the same number of questions, the same timing, and the same opportunity for students to change their answers within a test section.

Online Test Format

All Levels

Online tests are available for all levels. Test questions are presented on a testing device and multiple-choice responses are marked on a testing device. The essay portion of the test is typed. Scratch paper and pencils are provided by the test site.

Paper Test Format

Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels

Paper tests are available only for students entering Grades 5 - 12 (Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels). Test questions are presented in a test booklet and multiple-choice responses are bubbled on a separate answer document using a #2 or HB pencil. Blank space in the test booklet may be used as scratch paper. Students handwrite the essay in the space provided on the answer sheet, using a black or blue ballpoint pen. Erasable pens are permitted.

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