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Entrance To Grades 2 - 12                     
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The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE®) is widely accepted, accurate, and provides advanced insights to both schools and students to help guide the admission process. ERB works hard to support families throughout the process by providing materials to fully understand the ISEE testing process. Refer to the

ISEE Student Guide for comprehensive information about testing and testing sites.


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ISEE Test Dates and Registration for testing August 1, 2017 - July 31, 2018 will open on August 1st!

The ISEE team works directly with families to answer any questions about registration. Students may take the ISEE at approved ERB member school test sites, Prometric locations worldwide, or at ERB’s New York City office. Quick registration is available online, as well as by mail. 


Families can select the list of schools to which to send results either before or after testing. There is no fee to add schools either before or after testing. Refer to the ISEE Student Guide for comprehensive information about testing and testing sites.


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ISEE Fee Schedule

Assessment Candidates for Grades Pricing
ISEE Mail-In or Online Registration Grades 2-12 $105.00
ISEE Phone Registration Grades 2-12 $130.00
ISEE Online Testing at Prometric Grades 5-12 $185.00


For additional information about fees associated with the ISEE admission assessment such as late registration, change of registration, or refunds, please refer to the ISEE Student Guide.

Need to change a test? Log in to your ISEE account online to update registration information or reschedule a test.
Testing at Prometric



Prometric Testing Centers offer convenient, ISEE testing to familes around the globe. These professional testing centers feature decades of expertise in test delivery. Prometric Testing Centers feature:

  • Online administration only.
  • Testing for students entering grades 5-12.
  • A variety of locations worldwide.

Learn more about testing at Prometric.


Important Updates for Families for Fall 2016!

Registration is open for 2016-2017!


Our approach to independent school admission assessment has been – and always will be – to put ERB member schools and prospective families first and foremost. Offering more options to applicants extends our commitment to parents and students who are navigating the independent school admission process.


Be sure to click below to find out information about


  • Testing fees for 2016-2017
  • Ability for families to review scores before sharing them with a school
  • Students being able to test more than once, with ISEE’s new Testing Seasons (see graphic below)



icon_preparing.png What to Expect on the ISEE

The What to Expect on the ISEE preparation books enable students to get an idea of the format of the ISEE in general, the directions, the types of test items, and the answer sheet. Download the What to Expect on the ISEE for each level below.


Access online interactive What To Expect On The ISEE materialsfor entrance to Grades 2, 3, and 4 (Primary level)

Download what to Expect On The ISEE - for entrance to grades 5 and 6 (Lower Level)

Download What To Expect On The ISEE PDF - for entrance to Grades 7 and 8 (middle level)

Download What To Expect On The ISEE PDF - for entrance to Grades 9-12 (Upper Level)


Students and parents can access an online interactive practice ISEE to familiarize themselves with the format of the assessment.  Hard copies of the What to Expect on the ISEE guide can be purchased by clicking here.


Starting in August of 2016, students may register to take the ISEE one time in any or all of three testing seasons. The ISEE testing seasons are defined as Fall (August–November), Winter (December–March), and Spring/Summer (April–July). ISEE does not encourage multiple testing, but we do offer students and families that option.