In-School Tests

ERB’s achievement assessments are designed to strengthen your child’s education by driving targeted instruction, spotlighting strengths, and identifying areas for improvement. Learn more about the assessments administered at your child’s school and how to get the most out of the results. 


PreK - Grade 2


CPAA (Children's Progress Academic Assessment) is a developmentally appropriate assessment of early language arts literacy and mathematics.  This is a child-friendly, computer-adaptive test which engages young learners in PreK through grade 2.


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Grades 1 - 11


CTP (Comprehensive Testing Program) is a rigorous series of assessments in English language arts, science (online only for grades 3-11), and mathematics. Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning tests are included for grades 3-11. 


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Understanding Lexile and Quantile Scores

Your school may utilize Lexile and Quantile scores. A Lexile measure represents your child’s reading ability and can be used to match him or her with books and other materials at an appropriate difficulty level. A Quantile measure describes your child’s mathematical ability and can be used to determine his or her readiness to learn new mathematical skills and concepts.


To find recommended books and other materials for your student using their Lexile score, click here.


To find recommended math resources for your student using their Quantile score, click here.


Grades 3 - 11


WrAP (Writing Assessment Program) involves a partnership between students and teachers to produce improved writing.  Through response to an engaging prompt, skills such as organization and writing mechanics are carefully developed.


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