Understanding Results

Your child’s admission assessment results are useful both to you and the schools to which you are applying.  Fully understanding them will help you learn about your child's current strengths and/or areas needing improvement.


Understanding Score Reports

Score Reports

Gain a greater understanding of your child's ECAA score report. Available online for easy access, each ECAA report is individually written and carefully reviewed. Reports provide a detailed snapshot of your child's current skill development.



ISEE.jpgScore Reports

You will receive a full Individual Student Report (ISR) that details your child's performance in the areas of verbal and quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, and mathematics.  These scores will help you and admission officers analyze your child's knowledge of both classroom-taught information and higher-order thinking skills.



AABL Image.jpgScore Reports

You will receive your child's raw score, scaled score, percentile rank, stanine score for each section, his or her age group norms, and a list of all schools that you designated to receive reports. For information on how to interpret AABL score reports, please contact AABL-Ops@erblearn.org.