Entrance to Grade 2 - 12

ERB is committed to serving students of all needs and learning differences. ERB will make every effort to arrange special administrations for students who are unable to take the ISEE under standard conditions because of a documented learning difference or a physical challenge.


To register for ISEE Accommodations online at an ISEE test site school or ISEE Testing Office, please click here.


To request ISEE Accommodations at a Prometric Testing Center, please click here.


Eligibility for ISEE Accommodations:


A student with a documented disability may be eligible for accommodations such as extended time (50 percent extra time) on the ISEE. The student must:


  • have a disability that necessitates testing accommodations.
  • have complete and specific documentation that establishes a current need for the requested accommodations.
  • currently receive and utilize the requested accommodations, due to the disability, on a regular basis for school-based testing in the student’s present school environment.

Types of Supporting Documentation That May Be Submitted for ISEE Accommodations:


  • Formal Testing - a complete psycho-educational evaluation dated within the last three years
  • An Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan from the current calendar year
  • A School Accommodation Plan from the current calendar year
  • Physician Letter - a letter from a medical doctor is required if the accommodations are due to a medically-treated issue (such as a vision impairment, deafness, paralysis, ADD, ADHD [treated with prescriptions], etc.) or a physical disability.


To register for ISEE Accommodations online, please click here.