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A Message From Our President: 

ERB mourns the loss of John Chubb, a brilliant leader and a man with stellar personal character, deep integrity and high ideals. He was a transformational leader whose work will go on because of what others learned from him. Nonetheless, we will miss him deeply.

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ERB is your partner for school and student success! We help you to build your student community, assess student progress and learning through the years, and utilize innovative tools to promote personalized learning. Learn more about how ERB can support your school..


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ERB is committed to working with families and schools to support student learning. We offer a robust range of services and resources to enrich your child’s development and preparation for a bright future. Learn more about ERB's services for families and applicants.



ERB Chart of Services

ERB offers admission and achievement assessments for students in PreK - Grade 12. In addition ERB offers supplemental learning tools in writing and vocabulary that students may use both in school and at home. Please review our Chart of Services and to learn more about ERB please contact the ERB Consultant in your area.



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ERB is a global not-for-profit educational membership organization of independent, public, faith-based, and boarding schools providing admission, achievement and instructional services for PreK - Grade 12. ERB has been lighting the pathway to student learning in the 21st century by teaming up with ERB member schools to develop admission and achievement services that are in a user-friendly online format, providing robust feedback and immediate score reporting. For over 85 years, ERB has provided quality services to over 2,000 member schools and districts around the world.