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ERB partners with Test Innovators to help students succeed on the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)

Students, parents, schools, and access organizations will benefit from ERB’s new offering, which focuses on test familiarization, anxiety reduction, confidence building, and learning resources.

New York, NY (June 24, 2020)—ERB and Test Innovators (TI) announced today that they are partnering to help tens of thousands of students fully demonstrate their academic abilities on the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), used by schools around the world as part of their admissions process. With its emphasis on familiarizing students with the test, decreasing test-related anxiety, and enabling students to identify and work on any areas of weakness, the TI platform is the only comprehensive test preparation program endorsed by ERB.
The TI online platform is designed to be engaging and interactive, with full-length practice tests, immediate scoring, actionable insights, a personalized plan for improvement, time management feedback, targeted practice exercises, skill-building videos, and more. Taken together, the TI program enables students to become their best testing selves on test day.
Effective immediately, all ISEE registrants have access to a free preparation option at ISEEpracticetest.com, which includes an online practice test and personalized feedback. Families also have three paid upgrade options which provide students with additional preparation resources. Students with fee waivers for the ISEE will also have free access to all of the resources available.
Tom Rochon, president of ERB, explained that, “ERB is partnering with TI because their program focuses on creating familiarity and comfort with the test, and on the development of skills in areas most needed by each student. This partnership is consistent with our mission to provide students with greater access to high-quality educational opportunities, regardless of their socioeconomic background.”
Edan Shahar, CEO of Test Innovators, says “we set out to help students gain the confidence and learn the skills necessary to fully demonstrate their potential. Today we are thrilled to be partnering with ERB to increase equity by providing our tools to all ISEE test-takers.”
In addition to helping students directly, this program will also be available to schools and access organizations (organizations whose mission is to help traditionally underrepresented students gain access to educational opportunities), who will be able to track their students’ progress over time and review individual and class-wide performance and engagement.
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ERB is a not-for-profit educational advisory group that provides educators and families with a more complete understanding of the whole student.  K-12 schools around the world rely on ERB to provide them with an integrated suite of assessments, insights, and analytics that track the complete student journey--assessing academic ability, learning achievement, and social and emotional learning competencies. To learn more, visit www.erblearn.org.
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About Test Innovators

Test Innovators has developed cutting-edge technology to foster student learning through the lens of standardized tests. Test Innovators’ web-based tools allow students to practice anytime, anywhere. With personalized learning paths, plenty of practice, and support throughout the process, students find the test preparation process fulfilling rather than stressful.
Test Innovators has helped over 135,000 students reach their potential on the ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, ACT, and SAT. To learn more, visit www.testinnovators.com.

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