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Meeting the Needs of Every Student: Informing Classroom Differentiation with CTP

Latin School of Chicago
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One of the Latin School of Chicago's strategic priorities is using various forms of student assessment to develop new methods and tools to communicate student growth and performance more effectively. Their goal is to emphasize analysis, synthesis, decision-making, and collaborative skills in assessments.

One of these assessments is the CTP.

Every summer, the school analyzes their CTP score reports from the previous school year. This analysis includes an investigation into longitudinal test performance for their entire Middle School, as well as individual grades and students. By studying each classroom's growth, the school can identify the cohorts of students that are performing as expected over time.
The Latin School of Chicago then creates reports for each subject area that outline relative areas of strengths and areas that require more focus. These are shared with the relevant departments and teams at each grade level meet to discuss the findings.

With this information, the school creates small instructional groups to aid in classroom differentiation.

Based on their longitudinal performance on CTP, individual students are assigned to one of these small groups for each subject to better meet their educational needs. This process has created a rich, data “story” for the Latin School of Chicago. Year after year, the school's analysis of CTP data reveals new trends that inspire reflection on their current practices.

CTP doesn’t drive their instruction, rather it informs areas of focus to support their students in the best way possible.

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