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Tools for Student Growth

ERB is proud to offer schools a high-quality suite of supplemental learning tools to help your students build confidence as they master core academic skills. Focused on writing and vocabulary, these tools are easy to use and accessible online, so students can learn wherever they live--in school or at home.

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Grades 3-12

Writing Practice Program

Developed by teachers, approved by families.

Our Writing Practice Program (WPP) is a time-tested resource for helping students improve their writing in school and at home. With customizable, self-paced curricula, you can choose what types of writing prompts to assign to tailor courses to each student's unique strengths, needs, and interests.
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Grades 4-12

Word Voyage Vocabulary Builder

Students with increased academic vocabularies achieve greater reading comprehension, more enjoyment of reading, superior writing, and higher standardized test scores. Help your students improve their diction with this easy-to-use online program accessible anywhere, anytime.
"I have used Word Voyage for the past five years because the program explores words more deeply and thoroughly than any other vocabulary text or program I've seen. The customer service is unparalleled; you can expect almost immediate assistance! The company continually improves its offerings. My students are enjoying the new games!"

Lisa Robbins, Middle School English Teacher, Dana Hall School

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