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Understanding Scores

Detailed Report

We're here to help you understand the customized score report created by your student’s school to communicate assessment results and any recommended feedback for your student. These reports provide easy-to-read test results and may also include commentary from your school about your student's progress.


Who is ERB?

If your student attends an independent school, chances are you only know us for the ISEE—the Independent School Entrance Exam. But ERB is actually so much more than just admissions testing. We're an industry-leading educational advisory company. That means we offer schools and families a variety of different tests, educational software, and other services to help them monitor and grow a student's knowledge year after year. Some of these services are only available to schools but others are also offered directly to families.

What is this test?

Your Detailed Report provides you with an analysis of your student’s skills in each subject area. Scores are available for two different tests—CTP and Milestones. Your school uses only the tests that it finds most valuable, so you may receive scores for just the CTP,  just Milestones, or both.

Understanding Scores

Test Info

This report lists your student's performance by subtest. Be sure to review your student's results for each subtest. Not every school uses all available subtests, and subtests will vary by test and grade. The first row of the table indicates what test your student took as well as the year and season in which it was taken. The left-hand column lists the subtest plus the different types of questions included in that subtest.

Student Mastery

This section displays your student's "percent mastery" on the subtest as a whole and on each content area within the subtest. This percentage is based on the number of questions your student answered correctly as well as the difficulty of those questions. It describes how much of a content area your student has "mastered" from 0% to 99%.

Time On Test (Optional)

Your report may or may not include this section, as your school will decide whether or not this information is valuable for families. The time your student spent on each subtest is displayed first, followed by the maximum amount of time allowed to complete the subtest. These times are displayed in minutes.
If the allotted time says “Untimed,” then there was no set period of time for the student to complete the test. If your student's testing time says "Not Available," they took a paper test for which time was not tracked. If the time spent on the test exceeds the allotted time, your student may have received testing accommodations that allowed them to take more time.

Results by Question (Optional)

Your student's report may also include a list of how they responded to each question. Not all schools find this information valuable for families so your report may or may not include this. This section will list each content area within the subtest as well as each "standard" that applies to that content area. It will also indicate how many questions address each standard and the total number of questions in the subtest.
In order of question difficulty, your report will list how many questions your student answered correctly (+), incorrectly (-), skipped (S), and did not reach (N). Seeing how your student responded to different standards offers an even more detailed understanding of your student's skills as each standard will describe exactly what kinds of skills it's designed to assess.

What's Next?

ERB uses the Standards for Psychological & Educational Testing to guide the development and validation of its assessments. These Standards include certain guidelines on how to use and not use test scores. ERB advises schools and families on these guidelines to promote appropriate score use.

Talk to your school if you still have questions.

Your student's school makes all administration decisions for these tests—they choose the test format, dates, subtests, and the reports that families receive. Contact your school with any additional questions about the test(s) your student took or about understanding your scores.

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