ERB Launches New Innovative Assessment for Early Learners

For Immediate Release New York, NY 22 September 2014  ERB is proud to introduce its new admission assessment - AABL (Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners).  Delivered on an iPad, AABL is a cutting-edge online, child-friendly assessment of an early learner’s development in verbal and quantitative reasoning, early literacy, and mathematics for applicants to PreK through Grade 1 (age 4 through 6).


Over the past five years, ERB developed AABL with national experts in early childhood literacy, mathematics, and gifted and talented assessment. It assesses constructs that are deeply grounded in theory and research to identify a child’s reasoning and achievement levels. Because of this, AABL is an important tool as it gives parents, teachers, and administrators the opportunity to understand a child’s academic ability and consider if the child is the right fit for the academic curriculum of the school to which the child is applying.


“Finding the right academic curriculum for early learners is essential for the child and the school community. Offering this child-friendly interface allows the applicants to enjoy taking the assessment while providing families and schools with valuable information,” said Dr. David Clune, President/CEO of ERB.


AABL supports the early childhood admission process by providing an objective view of a child’s achievement and reasoning level. Young applicants have a positive experience using the child-friendly iPad interface that provides vibrant graphics and engaging activities, while families and schools receive detailed, informative reports.


This assessment was developed as a result of requests from ERB member schools for an early childhood assessment that is child-friendly for young applicants, informative for schools, easy to administer, and affordable for families.  During field testing, the AABL tutorial given to applicants at the beginning of the assessment, along with proctor administration guidelines, were found more than sufficient for children to take AABL successfully.


As with all ERB admission assessments, young learners will only have to take the assessment once per grade level to which they are applying.  Since the results of AABL testing can be sent to multiple ERB member schools, as selected by the family, the burden of continual testing is eliminated.  This results in less stress for the applicant families during the admission process and allows more time for them to interact with the school communities they are considering.


At $65.00 per student, AABL is affordable for most families. However, ERB does offer fee waivers to member schools using the assessment, which the school may distribute to applicant families in need of financial assistance. 


Families can register their children to take AABL at testing locations nationwide through the ERB website.  First administrations will begin October 15, 2014.  A free ‘What to Expect’ guide for AABL outlines the different sections of the assessment, and a short video provides sample items for viewing. This information will be enough to make a child comfortable with AABL prior to assessment day.  External tutoring is neither recommended nor necessary.


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