We understand the value and desire for parents and students to “preview” the types of questions presented on each level of the ISEE. We also want to make it as fair as possible for all families to gain access to the same information. Therefore, ERB offers preparation books for each ISEE level free of charge when downloaded from this website. 


What to Expect on the ISEE

Testing at Prometric

ISEE Preparation

While other companies claim to have ISEE preparation books, know that the What to Expect on the ISEE books are the only books authorized and approved by ERB.

Be prepared. Make sure you know what to do on test day.


What to Expect on the ISEE

Regardless of how or where your student takes the ISEE, the best way to prepare is by reading the What to Expect on the ISEE guide for the appropriate testing level and format. Please note that these guides are not training books for exam strategies, and they are not a shortcut to higher scores. The goal of these guides is to help families understand the general format of the test, the test directions, the types of test items, and the answer sheet.



Paper Test Guide for Levels 5-12

You may view and download PDF versions of What to Expect on the ISEE free of charge or you can purchase hard copies of the guide here. Levels 2-4 have no paper guide as there is no paper version of the test for these levels. See below for the Levels 2-4 online test guide.


Lower Level (entering Grades 5-6)
Middle Level (entering Grades 7-8)
Upper Level (entering Grades 9-12)


Online Test Guide for Primary Levels 2-4 and Levels 5-12

What to Expect on the ISEE is available as an interactive website for all students taking an online test for entrance to grades 2-12 . 




Testing At Prometric

In addition to the What to Expect on the ISEE guides, Prometric testers will find it helpful to review this video about procedures at Prometric testing centers.