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Admission Testing


Our admission assessments help many of our schools build their community of learners and invite applicants to join the learning community that is right for them. These are highly regarded assessments for students applying to independent schools or specialized public schools requiring entrance exams in the United States and internationally. Designed by experts to measure both reasoning and achievement skills, these assessments have helped parents, students, and schools find the perfect match for decades. 


Many families and schools have a habit of referring to our admission assessments simply as the "ERBs." In actuality, we have a variety of admission assessments available. Before registering to take an assessment, you may want to confirm the specific name of the assessment that the school to which you are applying has requested.

Entrance to PreK - Grade 1


AABL is a creative, tablet-based assessment that schools use to support admission and placement decisions.


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Entrance to Grades 2-12


ISEE is an admission and placement assessment required by schools around the world.


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 Achievement Testing

Our achievement assessments provide a powerful, objective lens through which our schools can examine the current skills of their students and access information that assists their teachers as they foster academic growth. These assessments are usually administered by your student's current school and are designed to drive targeted instruction, spotlight strengths, and identify areas for improvement. They are typically administered to provide insights for your student's school and the results may or may not be shared with parents.


PreK - Grade 2


CPAA is a developmentally appropriate assessment of early language arts literacy and mathematics. This is a child-friendly, computer-adaptive test which engages young learners.


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Grades 1 - 11


CTP is a rigorous series of online or paper assessments that may include English language arts, mathematics, and science. Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning tests are available for Grades 3 - 11. Your student's school will determine which assessments and formats work best for them.


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Grades 3 - 11


WrAP involves a partnership between students and teachers to produce improved writing. By responding to WrAP's engaging prompts, skills such as organization and writing mechanics are carefully developed.


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At-Home Practice

At ERB, we believe that assessments are only the first step—it’s what you do with the results that counts. Our Pathways to Learning student support services offer online, instructional tools to boost student learning both in the classroom and at home. These online practice resources foster supplemental learning for your student in both writing and vocabulary programs. They are automatically scored online and are available anytime and anywhere so your student can further develop core skills at his or her own pace. Aligned to ERB assessments, ERB Pathways to Learning help students learn through individualized, interactive exercises.



Grades 3 - 12


Good writing skills are fundamental for a successful future. ERB’s Pathways to Writing with WPP (Writing Practice Program) provides students with 24/7 access to an easy-to-use, web-based program for unlimited writing practice with immediate feedback. The system is password protected and offers users secure access from any device with an internet connection.


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Grades 4 - 12


Students often skip over unfamiliar words. Word Voyage teaches them to slow down, look for familiar roots, and associate these root-meaning clues with the context outside the word. This is what good readers do. This is how readers improve comprehension. Each student receives individualized, web-based lessons that build academic vocabulary.


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