ECAA Overview

ECAA: Early Childhood Admission Assessment*
PreK – Grade 4


Gain a greater understanding of conceptual reasoning, visual perceptual reasoning, and acquired academic and social knowledge appropriate for the child’s age, for applicants for PreK – Grade 4. Available online for easy access, each ECAA report is individually written and carefully reviewed. Reports provide a detailed snapshot of a student's current skill development.


ECAA score reports can be accessed by ERB member schools when families have selected their school during the ECAA applicant registration process.


*Offered in the NYC and the surrounding area

New York City Applicants:
Registration opens in late August for students applying to schools that require the ​ECAA for admission in the 2018 school year.
Parents: Do you need to register your child for the ECAA One-to-One?

ECAA Features 

  • Child-focused: Engaging tools that are delivered by professionals trained in assessment
  • Developmentally appropriate: Scales that are standardized on a national population - comparing each student to similar age peers
  • Easily understood: Robust reports with accurate and clear information
  • Conveniently administered: Adminstration options that are easier on the student, family, and school


Find Out More About ECAA Reports

A child-friendly assessment administered by professionals trained in assessment, utilizing ERB adapted versions of the WPPSI-IV, WISC-V, and a portion of the ERB developed CTP.


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