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Students with increased academic vocabularies achieve greater reading comprehension, more enjoyment of reading, superior writing, and higher standardized test scores. ERB's Pathways to Vocabulary with Word Voyage helps to achieve these key benefits while also teaching students better work habits and saving teachers’ time! It is a perfect online alternative to standard vocabulary workbooks at a comparable price. 


Parents also have the opportunity to purchase individual Word Voyage student licenses for grades 4 - 12 to use at home to strenghten and improve vocabulary.   
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We just completed our ERB testing for the year! My 6th Grade Vocabulary scores are off the charts!!!!

Thank you to you and the Word Voyage Team for all that you do to contribute to our success!!!

Robin J. Lage
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
The Canterbury Episcopal School


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2016-2017 Pricing for Schools

2016 - 2017 Word Voyage Products Pricing Per Student
Standard Word Lists $12.00
On-Demand Lists $18.00



2016 - 2017 Pricing for Parents

2016-2017 Word Voyage Price Per Student
Word Voyage for Home Use $65.00 per student ($20.00 per sibling)




 Unique Word Voyage Features And Benefits

Vocabulary Development Powered by Your Curriculum: Students master words sourced

  from their curriculum, with hundreds of vocabulary lists from classic and popular titles available.

  Furthermore, Word Voyage offers a service to create new lists from any content you choose!


Word Roots and Root Families: Introduces the word roots and relationships that are the key

  to unlocking meaning and expanding each student’s vocabulary.


Word Mastery Through Writing: Students learn to use words properly by writing original

  sentences and receiving formative feedback from their teachers.


Grammar Skills: Through practice and feedback, students master a wide range of core skills.


Differentiated Learning: Teachers easily assign tailored lessons based on each student’s

  abilities identified through ERB's CTP, WPP or WrAP assessment scores.


Develops Time Management Skills: Students learn self-discipline through regular interaction

  with Word Voyage.


Requires Less Teacher Time: Organizes individualized assignments, automatically scores

  vocabulary lessons and delivers student writing for feedback.


Information Management: Delivers student work and results to teachers to support

  differentiation decisions and constructive feedback.


Accessible 24/7: Web-based; works on all computers, iPads & most other tablets with an

  Internet connection.


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If you are an ERB member school and have not tried Word Voyage, now is a great time. Schedule a webinar and get a personalized introduction to the program. Sign-up for the 2 month free trial and bring Word Voyage to your school. 


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icon3.pngMore about Word Voyage

Pathways to Vocabulary Word Voyage includes vocabulary lists from classic and popular titles, and a service to create lists from other curricular materials. The student experience begins with the word lists drawn directly from assigned readings and then continues with word roots, their history and meanings in context, and on to related words. Students also learn to use words properly by writing original sentences and receiving formative feedback from their teachers.


Hundreds of vocabulary lists from classic and popular titles


See how Word Voyage compares to traditional workbooks


Word Voyage White Paper: Let's Get Critical



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