WrAP Overview

WrAP: Writing Assessment Program 
Grade 3 – 12


Building Better Writers


Building upon ERB’s long and successful history of setting the highest standards for quality writing, WrAP for 2016 -17 has been updated to provide a full suite of new Resources – WRIIT Writing Resources for Insight, Interpretation and Teaching! These new easily accessible resources will help any teacher of writing:


  • Examine students’ skills across grade levels, traits, and genres with our all new Anchor Sets
  • Understand a student’s development as a writer using our new Learning Progressions
  • Support instruction through sample exemplar essays and new sample prompts, and inform curriculum development

And all of these resources are built using ERB school student essays – a great group of writers in schools like yours!


WrAP offers two prompt options for schools to select by grade as desired.  Our stimulus text based prompts link close reading to writing  and include articles and passages for students to read, analyze and use to inform their response. Our popular non-stimulus prompts allow students to pull from their experience and show their writing development in response to a shorter piece of text. Both support instruction and work with any curriculum to help create great writers!  And unlike other writing options we provide objective reader scored results that also allow you to compare your results with students in other ERB schools. 


WrAP age appropriate and engaging writing prompts are available in both English and Spanish.






2016-2017 Test Dates:  August 16th, 2016 – June 9th, 2017

(all materials must be received for scoring by June 16th, 2017)


 Features and Benefits

  • Provides teachers and administrators with a powerful and objective lens to examine students’ writing skills with an on-demand performance task that requires students to respond to an engaging prompt
  • Offers our schools a performance task that mirrors effective classroom writing instruction with administration procedures that mirror the actual writing process
  • Provides students with the necessary time to think, edit, and revise their essays with the two-day administration protocol
  • Students as authors do not write on demand when trying to develop their writing fully.  They need time to think, edit and then revise. WrAP offers this very valuable time for reflection and revision and the time they need to clarify their thinking and demonstrate their progress as a writer
  • Calls for well-organized and developed compositions that include multiple paragraphs and complex sentence structure
  • Provides teachers with the language, processes, and expectations that will inform instruction with the goal of developing outstanding writers
  • Rich, useful resources available to help teachers interpret student scores and plan next steps instruction and improve student writing.

---new fully annotated essays for each genre and grade

---learning progressions within and across the grades

---proficiency level descriptors 


  • Identifies and fosters collaborative conversations about the strengths and areas for improvement about student writing to inform curriculum improvement

Grade Levels Available

Unlike other instruments that provide only holistic scoring indices, WrAP is scored analytically. Developed in collaboration with our member schools and writing experts, WrAP is administered across five grade level bands, with higher performance expectations at each level.

  • Elementary (Grades 3 and 4)
  • Intermediate (Grades 5 and 6)
  • Middle (Grades 7 and 8)
  • Secondary (Grades 9 and 10)
  • College Preparatory (11 and 12)


icon_news-1.pngYour WrAP Prompt Options

Non-Stimulus Prompts (English and Spanish): These prompts guide curriculum decisions, help plan writing instruction, and provide important feedback to administrators, teachers, students, and parents about student writing. Spanish prompts are selected based on a student’s grade level or level of proficiency. These prompts:

•    Require students to complete a first draft and revise to complete a final written essay on the topic

•    Scored against a published, genre specific rubric that guides expectations for each writing trait


Stimulus-based Prompts align to the most current standards and are used to develop students’ critical analysis and writing skills.  These prompts involve a more complex performance task that:

•    Requires students to read, analyze, and reference related passages to inform their writing

•    Underscores the close relationship between reading and writing as students complete a first draft and revise to complete a final written essay.

•    Scored against published, genre-specific rubrics that guide expectations for each writing trait


Genre Definitions


Student tells a story or relates an incident or experience to entertain or to illustrate a point, real or imaginary using story elements, structure, details and language to support a rich and meaningful narrative.

Informative (Expository/Informative for Spanish)

Student clarifies, defines, and/or explains various points of view clearly and accurately on a topic with facts, definitions, comparisons, concrete details and other information relating to the topic.

Argument/Opinion (Persuasive/Argument for Spanish)

Student makes a case for a specific course of action or point of view through valid reasoning and logical argument using relevant and sufficient facts to support the recommended action or position.



Prompt Samples



docs_icon.pngWrAP Test Administration

Both the stimulus-based and non-stimulus WrAP are administered over two days. This administration closely replicates the steps in the writing process of drafting, revising, and completing a final essay.


  • Stimulus-based prompts - two writing periods Grades 3-4 85 minutes (period #1) and 70 minutes (period #2). Grades 5-12 75 minutes (period #1) and 60 minutes (period #2)
  • Non-stimulus prompts – Grades 3-4 (two 60 minute writing periods). Grades 5-12 (two 50 minute writing periods)
  • Both WrAP options are available online and paper/pencil
  • Non-standard administration is available


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