Executive Leadership

ERB is led by a group of proven innovators with a deep and diverse range of non-profit, educational, and technological experience.  From developing pioneering assessment technology, forging vital school partnerships, and ensuring that all of our member schools’ needs are met, the executive team guides the organization every step of the way.


Executive Director, Writing Program
(646) 503-2619
(646) 503-2606
Chief Human Resources Officer
(646) 503-2657
Vice President, Member Services
(646) 503-2624
Chief Finance Officer
(646) 503-2610
Vice President, Admission Testing
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Chief Program Officer
(646) 503-2648
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Operations
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In-House Counsel
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(646) 503-2614
Executive Director, Admission Testing
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Executive Director, CTP and nFORM
(646) 503-2653