ERB Launching Free Check-In Survey


ERB Launching Free Check-In Survey to Help Schools Quickly Gauge Student Well-Being

Inspired by Character Lab’s Student Thriving Index, the quick survey includes academic, emotional and inclusion scales.

ERB announced today that it has partnered with Character Lab to deploy elements of its Student Thriving Index in a 13-item Check-In Survey that will be available free to ERB member schools using our CTP or Milestones assessments. ERB’s survey design was informed by input from students and teachers at a cross-section of the organization’s member schools.

“School leaders across the country have expressed the need for a quick way to understand student well-being and its impact on academic engagement,” says ERB President Tom Rochon. “In fact, an advisory released this month by the Surgeon General of the United States emphasizes, ‘the important role that relationships with peers, teachers, and mentors as well as school climate, academic pressure and community support play in the overall well-being of our youth.’ For that reason, we are excited to bring the work pioneered by Character Lab to our member schools.”

Commenting on the partnership, Dominic Randolf, a co-founder of Character Lab and Head of School at Riverdale Country School in New York, said, “I have long believed that our schools can be truly excellent only to the extent they are attentive to every dimension of student well-being. That process starts with benchmarking and tracking how students feel about several key dimensions of their lives. ERB’s quick Check-In Survey is an effective means of tracking the emotional health, academic engagement, and sense of belonging among students.”

What the Check-In Survey Covers

ERB’s Check-In Survey enables schools to quickly take the pulse of student attitudes about their emotional well-being, academic well-being, and inclusion in their school community.

Academic Engagement

In the academic engagement section of the survey, students are asked to provide feedback on how they feel about their classes, their potential for success, and their teachers.

Emotional Well-Being

There are five items in this section that focus on overall happiness and stress levels. This section measures how students feel about their daily interactions with their peers and school community.


Three statements in this section enable students to express their sense of belonging and of being treated fairly, along with their comfort level with being their authentic selves at school.

Individual results of the ERB Check-In Survey will be strictly confidential. Schools will be able to review data in ERB’s 360 Access reporting platform at the grade level, thereby establishing a baseline and then being able to track well-being and inclusion over time.

Students who participated in a series of focus groups were very receptive to the survey and welcomed the idea of providing confidential feedback to their teachers and schools.

About the ERB and Character Lab Partnership

ERB and Character Lab will share de-identified information from their respective surveys to collaborate on research into the factors influencing student well-being, and the connection between well-being and academic achievement.

About Character Lab

Character Lab is a nonprofit organization that connects researchers with educators to create greater knowledge about the conditions that lead to social, emotional, academic, and physical well-being for young people throughout the country.

Character Lab was founded in 2013 by Angela Duckworth, co-author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance; Dave Levin, co-founder of KIPP public charter schools; and Dominic Randolph, Head of School at Riverdale Country School.

About ERB

ERB is a not-for-profit educational advisory group that provides educators and families with a more complete understanding of the whole student. K-12 schools around the world rely on ERB to provide them with an integrated suite of assessments, insights, and analytics that track the complete student journey–assessing academic ability, learning achievement, and social and emotional learning competencies.

Check-In Survey Availability

The Check-In Survey will initially be available to schools that have purchased CTP or Milestones. However, the survey does not need to be administered at the same time as these assessments. Schools will be able to start administering the survey in January 2022.

Please use the link below to learn more about how Check-In Survey can help your school community.

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