2023 ERB Conference

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Sian Proctor

Dr. Proctor is an American commercial astronaut, geology professor, and science communicator. On September 15, 2021, she was launched into Earth's orbit as the pilot of the Crew Dragon space capsule. Dr. Proctor is an engaging international speaker on educational outreach, leadership, making connections, maximizing opportunity, and exploring our world and beyond. She has appeared in multiple international science shows and is currently on A World Without NASA and Strange Evidence. We are thrilled to have Dr. Proctor join us as the keynote speaker.

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3rd Floor East Promenade

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New Member School Orientation and Welcome Luncheon

New ERB Member School in the last two and a half years? We want to meet you in person! Look for your invitation to attend this special lunch session where you will have the opportunity to meet the ERB Team and have all of your ERB questions answered.

Making Sense of Your Achievement Data and Using it to Monitor Progress – An Introductory Workshop

In this 60-minute introductory session, attendees will participate in a lively, crash course on using data to understand and monitor student progress. We will cover basic data analysis and introduce report interpretation of ERB achievement assessments. While the primary focus will be on CTP and Milestones and 360 Access, skills and concepts covered can also be applied to other progress monitoring and achievement tools such as WrAP, ERB Writing Practice, Check In Survey, and SEL Insights.

New to ISEE?

In this 60-minute session, participants will take a deep dive into understanding ISEE scores within the context of the entire admission process. Training on 360 Access for ISEE will be included.

ERB Statistics and Student Growth and Learning – A Conversation with ERB’s Dr. Glenn Milewski, Chief Program Officer and Dr. Adrienne Hu, Senior Research Analyst

Member Services Director, Jason Lasnetski, will lead a conversation with ERB’s Chief Program Officer, Glenn Milewski, and Senior Research Analyst, Adrienne Hu, on understanding ERB norms and how to use statistical measures to understand student growth and learning. The discussion will also include information on understanding different types of score interpretations, and the impacts of COVID on ERB Member School students.

Leveling up your Writing Program with ERB Writing Practice, WRIIT, and WrAP

In a knowledge economy, accomplished writing is more important than ever for students to be successful in college and beyond. Learn how you can help your students become great writers as they journey through the grades, and how ERB Writing Practice, our WRIIT teacher resource center, and WrAP results can be important and valuable components to your writing program.

Meeting Students Where They Are – Tools to Understand Student Well-Being and Social Emotional Skills

A student’s ability to reach their fullest academic potential is impacted by their emotional well-being, social and emotional skill set, sense of fairness and belonging, and their academic engagement. As educators, how do we best understand these more nuanced aspects of the students we teach and use that understanding to inform instruction? In this session, we will discuss how tools like the Check-In Survey and SEL Insights Program specific pedagogical practices can help educators answer this question and support every student in maximizing their learning potential.

ISEE 360 – Deep Dive

360 Access for ISEE - the platform where schools receive ISEE scores - was new last year. Did you know that the platform has robust data and analytics beyond score reports? In this session we will take a deep dive into 360 Access for ISEE and learn about all that it offers including: the ability to sort and create groups, select favorites, compare data for your school from year to year, compare your school’s data to other regions and consortia, analyze your applicant’s performance on specific sections of ISEE compared to other regions/consortia, and more!

Welcome Reception

Trianon Ballroom

Join us for networking and cocktail hour.


3rd Floor East Promenade

Stop by the registration desk to sign in and get your badge!

Mindful Moment

Join us for a short mindfulness meditation to set your intention and energy for the day.

Keynote with Dr. Sian Proctor

Trianon Ballroom

Hear the motivational message of Dr. Sian Proctor that encourages individuals to use their unique, one-of-a-kind strengths and passion to inspire those within their reach and beyond. An astronaut, geoscientist, educator and renaissance woman, Dr. Proctor is most notably recognized as the mission pilot and the first black civilian astronaut for the world's first all-civilian orbital mission to space. For more than two decades, she served as a professor teaching geology, sustainability and planetary science at South Mountain Community College, Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently the Open Educations Resource Coordinator for the Maricopa Community College District. She has appeared on the History, Discovery and National Geographic Channels and is also one of The Explorer's Club 50: Fifty People Changing the World, a multi-disciplinary, professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research, scientific exploration and resource conservation. Dr. Proctor has a B.S. in Environmental Science, an M.S. in Geology and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: Science Education.

The Big-Picture Influence of Accreditation

Rise above the nitty-gritty details of the decennial evaluative process and focus on the strategic and visionary value of school accreditation. How do statistics and data protocols help schools foster good habits? How do standards assure school improvement while allowing for individuality? How does an anti-racist lens change the way schools think about inclusion? Can good governance practice emerge from accreditation? A facilitated conversation with three leading expert practitioners explores the protracted value of meeting established standards.

Guiding Educators Selection and Use of SEL Assessments

High-quality assessments provide educators with useful evidence about student learning of desired competencies. However, selecting technically sound assessments to guide decision-making can be challenging due to continually evolving social-emotional learning policies and practices. This session will introduce a guide that aids in identifying appropriate SEL assessments.

Deepening Connections Through Data

This session will guide participants through two different protocols which will facilitate conversations when data is the focal point. This structured approach creates a safe space, allowing for equity of voice so all members can describe the data, make assumptions and share suggestions for future work. (School Reform Initiative, n.d.).

ISEE and the Importance of Understanding Validity

How do we know that ISEE is a valid measure of school success? What do ISEE scores really mean in the context of a student’s application and why do they matter? In this session we will: explain what validity is, why it’s important, and how validity is the joint-responsibility of the test creator and test user; provide examples of validity research conducted on the ISEE and how you can replicate this research at your own school; cover the important role that anti-bias test development processes play in increasing test validity.

Communicating with Parents: Sharing Your School’s Testing Philosophy and Using ERB’s New Family Report

All parents appreciate feedback about their children and want to understand how standardized testing data is used by the school, but sometimes these conversations can be difficult. In this panel discussion, ERB’s Member Services Directors, along with representatives from ERB Member Schools, will discuss tips and tricks on how to effectively share a school’s testing philosophy and leverage ERB’s New Family Report to have conversations with parents about their children’s academic progress.

The Unintended Consequences and Challenges of Test Blind/Optional Admission Policies

In this discussion between panelists and participants we will discuss the new world of test blind/optional policies and the challenges they present. With the onset of test blind/optional admission policies families and schools are facing new pressures. With most schools still requiring some testing in their process, usually developed in their specific school, students are having to take multiple tests in their journey to find their next school. Also, undue pressure is put on achievement testing that is given at a student’s current school. How can schools (both sending and receiving), parents and students best navigate this new world in a student centered way?

Supporting Student Engagement in Online Student Settings

The COVID-19 pandemic thrust online learning into schools and universities by necessity. Prepared or not, educators pivoted to remote instructional models. What does research tell us about the efficacy of online learning? Is there a place for it rooted in best practices going forward? How important is student engagement in a rich learning experience?

Access, Equity, and Education: Understanding the Role of Test Practice

How can a solid test prep program level the playing field for all applicants? In this session with ERB’s test prep partner, Test Innovators, participants will learn more about the program that ISEE fee waiver recipients receive for free. What does test prep actually look like? How do students engage with the process and why does it help? Two years ago, ERB and Test Innovators partnered with the shared goal of leveling the playing field, to help give all test takers the opportunity to fully demonstrate their knowledge on the ISEE. Join this session to discuss the purpose of test practice, and learn how this partnership has impacted students and increased access by providing quality educational resources to all ISEE fee waiver students for free.

School Tours


Have you ever seen a playground on the roof of a school? Wondered how students move through a vertical campus? Join us for a peek into the New York City independent school world! Special thanks to Collegiate School and De La Salle Academy for opening their doors to us. Space is limited, please sign up through the Conference Registration website.

Networking/A Night Out in NYC


We've left this evening free of conference programming so that attendees can enjoy an evening out in NYC.

Networking Breakfast with Facilitated Conversations

Liven up the start to your day! Join your colleagues for breakfast and learn something new! Topics include: Online Learning and Teaching Strategies with Tingting Mei, CICI Academy; and Teaching of Ethics to High School Students with Ronald Stewart, York Prep School.

Mindful Moment

Join us for a short mindfulness meditation to set your intention and energy for the day.

The ISEE: The Admissions Crystal Ball?

New to using ISEE or wondering if it's the right tool? Westminster has been using the ISEE for 8 years & recently took a hard look at the success rate of admitted students & corresponding ISEE scores. Working backward from students identified as “struggling” by the math department, we analyzed whether the standards used by our admission committee were adequate to determine future student success.

Beyond the Ranks: Using Data to Support the Whole Child

Percentile ranks are great for a quick snapshot of student achievement, but standardized test scores can tell us much more about the whole learner! In this session participants will examine sample CTP-5 test results with the context of classroom data to help identify possible learning needs. Take away tips and tricks for identifying needs and avoiding surprises when sharing data with parents.

Other Activities

New York City is an incredible place with so much to offer—from classic tourist destinations like Rockefeller Center and Times Square to the outer boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn—amazing restaurants, Broadway shows, and much more await you! We've left time on Monday evening for you to explore this amazing city. Below are just a few options to consider.

Bus Tours

Hop on and let an experienced driver and guide show you the city’s highlights. Below is one option for a nighttime skyline tour that offers a different perspective of the Big Apple.

Rockefeller Center

Enjoy a tour of the most significant buildings, gardens, and spaces at Rockefeller Center. Then, take a ride 70 floors up to the Top of the Rock for incredible views of the city skyline!

Carnegie Hall

Enjoy a show at one of the famed theaters in New York and see the Boston Symphony Orchestra under the esteemed leadership of Music Director and Conductor Andris Nelsons.

The Metropolitan Opera

La Boheme, one of the opera world’s classics, is in residence at the Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center. Enjoy an evening of culture and entertainment at this incredible venue!

Broadway Shows

While many theaters are historically dark on Mondays, several shows are playing on April 24.

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