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At Home Testing

Flexibility is baked into every ERB offering. Whether students are learning remotely, being homeschooled, or educators simply want to maximize valuable classroom time, many of our assessment tools can be administered to students securely in their homes.

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This page has information for schools and educators only. If you are a parent or student in search of at-home testing options, please navigate to our information for families.

ctp + milestones

The process is simple to administer our flagship achievement assessments to students securely in their homes.

How It Works

Overall, administering CTP Online and Milestones remotely is the same as administering in-school. Currently, remotely-proctored CTP Online is available on computers (PC or Mac) and Chromebooks only. iPad administration is not supported. The primary difference is the use of video conferencing solutions to communicate with students and families in their homes. Families complete minimal setup procedures to prepare for testing, and proctors will deliver all test instructions and monitor the test via video conferencing.
Full documentation to support you and your families through the remote administration process is now available in the Help and Resources section of the Comprehensives Portal, and ERB Support is standing by to help, as needed.

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(866) 683‐2335 or (646) 503‐2699
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

"ERB was so helpful in getting our school up and running for the [remote] CTP! When they found out that we were testing on Saturday mornings, they quickly found an IT person to be on call for us - yes, even on a Saturday morning!

ERB is willing to go the extra mile to make online testing run smoothly. I now realize that I had no reason to stress or be nervous about it because they make implementation easy and are with you every step of the way."

Samantha Lund, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Clear Lake Classical School

writing assessment

Developed by writing teachers, approved by families.

How It Works

WrAP involves a partnership between students and teachers to produce improved writing. By responding to WrAP's engaging prompts, skills such as organization and writing mechanics are carefully developed. WrAP At Home administration guides are available in the WrAP Portal. Please visit the portal by clicking below for full details on how to administer WrAP to students at home.

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isee by erb

Students can now take the admissions test trusted by schools around the world from the comfort and safety of their homes.

How It Works

As an ERB Member School, your candidates currently have two ISEE At Home testing options. No matter which option you or your applicants choose to use, families can always direct their scores to you by logging into our Admission Registration System (ARS). These remote testing options currently include:

Prometric Administered

With this option, your applicants can secure an at-home test on-demand with the ISEE At Home via Prometric powered by ProProctor. Families register for testing online via our Admission Registration System and all test administration is conducted by Prometric.

School Administered

With this option, you can directly administer the ISEE to your candidates remotely using your own staff as proctors, similar to on-campus testing.
Available this November! More information coming soon.

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