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Dynamic Insights for the Modern Educator

ERB 360 Access empowers educators to dynamically explore student testing data to reveal important trends, identify learning gaps, and devise targeted instructional interventions.

Real-Time Results

ERB 360 Access is an interactive, integrated website that makes it convenient and simple for educators to access, understand, and utilize their assessment results as often as they'd like in order to help students achieve their learning goals. Customizable reports make it easy to slice your data in different ways by selecting the students, subtests, norms, and testing seasons that you want to analyze.

CTP + ERB Milestones

Whether you test CTP, Milestones, or both, ERB 360 Access is your one-stop-shop for actionable testing insights. ERB 360 Access allows you to interact with your student data across all CTP and Milestones subtests like never before for powerful impact.
Explore your current achievement data or look back over time to uncover trends with historical data where available.

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Newest features and enhancements

We're always improving ERB 360 Access. Discover the newest ways to explore your data today.

ISEE score reports now available.

All CTP subtests available for exploration.

Multi-year Achievement Reporting available for longitudinal analyses.

Export your data in .CSV or .PDF formats for easy printing or importing into your school's Student Information System (SIS).

Schools with data going back to CTP 4 can now view historical results.

A better way to measure student progress.

Explore each of the below reports all within the ERB 360 Access portal.

Performance Reports

Performance Reports show how groups perform against a reference group. By default, this group is set as the Independent school norm sample, or “IN.”
At a glance, the Performance report shows how a group’s distribution of scores compares to that of the Independent school norm sample in terms of where they fall across three stanine groups, or trinines.
The proportion of students in Stanines 1-3 are labeled “Below IN”; the proportion of students in Stanines 4-6 are labeled “At IN”; and the proportion of students in Stanines 7-9 are labled “Above IN”.

Achievement Reports

Achievement Reports show how students are progressing over time compared a norm-referenced group (typically the Independent School Norm (IN) or National Norm (NN)).
The Achievement report also offers thresholds describing whether or not students are meeting grade-level expectations. These expectations are based on standard-setting studies conducted with more than 40 subject-matter experts from across the U.S. Knowing whether a student is below, meeting, or exceeding grade-level expectations provides educators with a criterion-referenced way to evaluate student performance.
NEW Explore current data or longitudinal trends with Multi-Year Achievement Reports!

Content Mastery Reports

Content Mastery reports break down student performance on specific subject area domains. This report takes educators a layer deeper (from subtest scores) to identify which content strands students have mastered, and which may need more focused attention.
Drill down even further within this report to see exactly which questions students answered correctly, incorrectly, and which questions were skipped. This information helps contextualize test performance by revealing, in part, where students may have struggled due to test-taking and time management issues, as opposed to an understanding of the content domains themselves.

Individual Student Reports

At times, it is helpful to look not at groups of students, but rather at an individual student's testing history. ERB 360 Access makes this easy with Individual Student Profiles, putting that historical information all in one place.
Within Individual Student Profiles, educators will quickly be able to identify each student's respective academic strengths and areas for improvement.

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