AABL Reports

By giving three kinds of scores supported by norms for each age group, the AABL reports will provide you with crucial insights to inform admission and placement decisions.  


School Report - If a family selects your school as a score recipient during AABL registration, you will receive electronic copies of their child’s raw score, scaled score, percentile rank, and stanine score for each section, as well as norms for his or her age group.


Parent Report - Parents receive their child's raw score, scaled score, percentile rank, stanine score for each section, the student’s age group norms, and a list of all schools that received reports. 


Accessing Reports Online - Parents and the schools they select can access AABL reports online approximately 3-5 business days after testing. 



icon_interpretation.pngUnderstanding Results

AABL accurately assesses students’ reasoning and achievement skills, and score reports provide relevant placement and admission insights. 


  • Results shown as raw scores, scaled scores, percentiles, and stanines
  • Performance data for all four assessment sections: items attempted, items skipped, items not reached 
  • Norms for each age category


For more information, go here. For additional assistance, please contact our AABL support staff.