Gain a greater understanding of conceptual reasoning, visual perceptual reasoning, and acquired academic and social knowledge appropriate for the child’s age, for applicants for PreK – Grade 4. Available online for easy access, each ECAA report is individually written and carefully reviewed. Reports provide a detailed snapshot of a student's current skill development.


ECAA score reports can be accessed by ERB member schools when families have selected their school during the ECAA applicant registration process.




icon_book.pngWhat to Expect on the ECAA 

The What to Expect on the ECAA provides in-depth information about the sub-tests administered when an applicant is entering grades PreK to Grade 4.  Helpful for both schools and families, reviewing the sub-tests along with the What to Expect guide provides a better understanding of the score report.


Understanding Your  Applicants' ECAA Report

Your school is able to view the reports electronically on ERB’s Admission Portal approximately 3-4 weeks from the date of assessment. If you have any questions or need assistance understanding student reports, please contact our ECAA support staff at (646) 503-2604 or