ERB’s Head of School Report: See the Big Picture in Your School’s Assessment Data

New Head of School Report to Launch in October 2023

As a Head of School, it’s natural to feel inundated by all the data collected on student outcomes. Sometimes it can be challenging to see the big picture of learning trends and gaps, and to clearly identify both areas of success and areas for improvement.

Introducing ERB’s Head of School Report, a valuable resource designed specifically for school leadership teams seeking an interpretative summary of their ERB assessment results to guide strategic planning and evaluation. This report, launching in October, is specifically designed with the perspective of the Head of School in mind, effectively conveying your school’s successes and priorities. These include visually intuitive highlights of your school’s admissions profile, student academic growth, and student perceptions of and engagement in the school culture.  

One of the standout features of the Head of School Report is its digital accessibility. All graphics can be easily downloaded into Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing you to create compelling presentations for various audiences, such as your Board or prospective parents. They can also be incorporated into written reports such as accreditation self-studies.   

Hand selected by ERB staff, the data in the report falls into three categories: admission, student learning, and student well-being, belonging, and engagement. At times, you may want a report focused solely on the outcome of the current admission cycle, or strictly on your students’ sense of fairness and belonging in the school community. To meet your needs at a specific moment, any part of the report can be included or suppressed in a given download.

1. ISEE Scores from Your Applicant Pool

This section of the Head of School Report explores trends in your applicant pool’s ISEE scores, including year-over-year analyses and comparisons of your school’s applicant pool scores with all students who took the exam. This section will be excluded if your school did not receive a minimum of 25 ISEE scores.

2. Learning Achievement Results from the CTP

In this section, we will give you insight into how your students compare with all ERB test-takers on the Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) in each subject area and in each grade, as well as learning growth of each student cohort as they move through the grades. As seen below, the graphics on student learning summarize an enormous amount of data in just a few visual images, enabling you to make compact and compelling points that are deeply rooted in the data.  

3. Survey Results on Student Well-Being and Development

The final section summarizes the results of the ERB Check-In Survey, which measures students’ attitudes toward their emotional well-being, academic engagement, and sense of fairness and belonging in your school community. It can help you better understand how your school culture compares with that of other ERB schools. The graphics also illustrate the connection between student well-being and academic growth.

Once purchased, the Head of School Report can be regularly updated as ERB assessments are administered to your students, ensuring you have the most relevant and up-to-date data at your fingertips.

Streamline your access to crucial information and gain actionable insights with the Head of School Report, which will be available in 360 Access. Display visually powerful representations of school success in your speeches to internal and external audiences, and lead your school toward continued success.

ERB Member Schools: Interested in purchasing the Head of School Report for your school?

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