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For students in Grades 1-12

nFORM by ERB is an online educational tool that helps teachers improve students’ understanding and mastery of concepts. nFORM is comprised of pre-assembled or teacher-made quizzes in Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Writing Mechanics, Writing Concepts and Skills, Vocabulary, Mathematics, Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Science.

Informing concept mastery.

Helping teachers work smarter, not harder.

Teachers lean on nFORM to check in on student learning quickly and easily throughout the year. Use our premade quizzes or make your own to monitor student progress in a low-stakes, quick, and low-cost way.
nFORM is aligned to our CTP (Comprehensive Testing Program) standards as well as NCTE (National Council of Teachers for English) standards for Language Arts items and NCTM (National Council of Teachers for Mathematics) standards for the Mathematics items.

What could nFORM do for your school?

"The reason I am most excited about nFORM is for the standards-aligned, high-quality questions at the click of the mouse. We want our students to have experience with multiple-choice math questions, but to create questions assessing targeted standards in a variety of ways all with plausible incorrect options can be very time consuming. I am thankful ERB has made this part of my job just a little easier.”
— Rachel Merren, River Oaks Baptist School, TX
“As Henry Roediger’s research demonstrates, regular formative assessments contribute to learning in a way that summative assessments do not. Having a resource like nForm that allows frequent, formative mini-assessments would allow me to both improve learning in my classroom and expose students to topics we might not have time to cover in class. It seems like a great tool for both cementing their learning and offering enrichment opportunities at the same time.”
— Gib Fitzpatrick, Durham Academy, NC

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