Grades 3-8


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Your school is evolving. Shouldn’t the way you measure progress?


Many educators today want more assessment touchpoints across a school year to help guide instruction and design classroom interventions that help students reach their learning and achievement goals. But it can be difficult and expensive to integrate new assessments, as teachers are already under great pressure to maximize classroom time with their students. We have a solution for that.


2020-2021 Testing Dates


Fall:  8/3/2020 – 11/27/2020
Winter: 12/7/2020 – 3/26/2021
Spring:  4/5/2021 – 7/23/2021




Meet Milestone Assessments from ERB.


ERB’s Milestone Assessment Solution for students in Grades 3-8 is an extension of our time-tested Comprehensive Testing Program, offering educators:


  • Consistency: Leveraging the CTP independent school norms and standards many schools already use for enhanced validity and easy, familiar score interpretation
  • Flexibility: Reading and math tests administered in 40-minute modules per subject can be administered at various points during the school year—whenever works best for each teacher and classroom
  • Timeliness: A new intuitive online portal provides educators access to student data and test results in real-time, making it easier than ever to track student progress


Available for the Fall 2020 school year, the Milestone Assessments were developed in consultation with leading independent schools. ERB Milestone Assessments will initially be available online and can be administered either as a complement to the annual, summative CTP already administered at many schools, or independently up to three times per school year. 

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Testing Options

Designed for every classroom.


ERB’s Milestone Assessments were designed to work in conjunction with—or independent of—our summative CTP program. 









Fall CTP + Two Milestones

CTP Milestone Milestone

Spring CTP + Two Milestones

Milestone Milestone CTP

Coming 2021 Three Milestones  

Milestone Milestone Milestone


Members who desire to utilize the CTP exam alone (without Milestone Assessments) may do so. 

"The current state of educational technology allows for more frequent assessment touchpoints, which creates a better system for understanding student achievement and taking timely action to address their academic needs.”


— ERB President, Tom Rochon 




A new reporting platform delivers real-time insights and interactivity.


A newly designed reporting platform will provide dynamic, interactive and shareable reports allowing users to maximize the insights to student outcomes. An easy to use and understand range of reports will support schools in making more informed, data-driven decisions. Major features include:


  • Annual, multi-year, and multi-test-window reports on student growth, with the ability to visualize norms and project achievement path comparisons
  • Itemized and summarized student cohort analyses based on performance levels and achievement
  • Standards mastery analyses, revealing students' skills and knowledge attainment
  • Individual student profile comprising all current and historical outcomes
  • School-level snapshots, allowing administrative users to quickly gain awareness of overall performance
  • Calendarized notifications and reminders of upcoming important dates and events

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What are the benefits of implementing interim "Milestone" assessments? 

The central value of the program is to provide more informative feedback about student academic achievement and growth throughout the academic year using brief tests.  The Milestone assessments allow schools to use student data to intervene and adjust instruction, addressing any gaps that would prevent students from achieving academic goals.  Test content, standards, and norm reference groups are drawn from the same framework as the Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP), which independent schools have relied on for decades.



When will the ERB Milestone assessments be available?
Fall 2020 



How much will the Milestone assessments cost?
Milestone assessment pricing will depend on whether schools purchase exams a la carte or bundled with the summative CTP exam. To speak with an ERB member representative about pricing, fill out this form and a member of our team will follow up with you.



How long will the Milestone assessments take to administer?
Each subtest (Reading Comprehension and Mathematics) has a maximum administration time of 40 minutes, short enough to conclude testing in a single class period.



What subjects will the Milestone assessments cover?
Mathematics and Reading Comprehension, based on feedback from ERB member schools.



Can the subjects be broken up or taken independently, or do they have to be tested together?
Each subject in an Milestone assessment can be taken independently. They do not need to be taken on the same day.  


How many times per academic year are the Milestone assessments administered?
For each grade level from Grade 3 through 8, there is a complete, unique set of Milestone assessments for three academic seasons:  Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Most schools will want to have three points of data throughout the school year.



How are ERB's Milestone assessments different from others on the market?
ERB Milestone assessments are aligned to NCTM/NCTE standards, making them state- and region-agnostic, unlike many “off the shelf” commercial assessment products.  In addition, Milestone assessments offer norm-referenced score comparisons that are valuable to independent and public school markets. ERB Milestone assessments are built to the same standards and scoring procedures as the Mathematics and Reading Comprehension sections of the CTP, thus enabling schools to make additional use of their CTP data.



Do we need to use the CTP if we implement Milestone assessments?
The CTP remains a valuable, comprehensive, reliable option for getting a full picture of students’ academic achievement.  The Milestone assessments were designed as a complement to allow schools and teachers to evaluate student progress throughout the year using brief, convenient testing events rather than waiting for a single testing period.  Models that are recommended are: administering the CTP in the fall to set a benchmark and then monitoring progress throughout the year; or administering the Milestone assessments in the fall and winter with CTP in the spring as a true summative assessment.



Will the Milestone assessments link or align with the CTPs?
The Milestone assessments evaluate student skills and knowledge in the same academic domains as the CTP.  Likewise, Milestone assessment scores are reported on the same CTP vertical score scale that is familiar to our members, allowing for easy tracking and comparison. 



Are the Milestone assessments taken on paper or online?
Milestone assessments are available online. 



How quickly will we receive score reports after administering an Milestone assessment?
Because Milestone assessments are administered online, scores will be available to the schools almost immediately after the tests are complete.  



Will score reports be available in the user portal on the ERB website?
A selection of popular CTP score reports will be available for Milestone assessment on the familiar CTP portal.  All of the remaining analyses will be available on a newly designed, interactive reporting portal.



Will I be able to see how my students perform as a class or grade? Or will I only see individual student scores?
Teachers and administrators can access interim assessment results at the individual student, group (class and grade), and school level.



If we already use the CTP, are the Milestone assessments included?
Milestone Assessments are not automatically included if you use CTP. There is a CTP + Interim offering or an Interim-Only offering.  CTP will continue to be available as a standalone test. Flexible administration options include:

Fall Winter Spring
CTP Milestone Milestone
Milestone Milestone CTP
Milestone Milestone Milestone



Where can I order interim "Milestone" assessments?
Milestone assessments are available as new offerings in the Achievement program section of ERB’s website.



I have other questions about the Milestone assessments—who can I talk to?
Please fill out this very brief survey which will help us route your question to the appropriate staff.


What is the Milestones expiration and refund policy?

Our refund policies are detailed here.

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