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All CTP orders are made through the CTP Portal. If you're new to CTP, a member of your school community is granted access to ordering through the Portal by getting designated as a Purchasing Coordinator. Use the form below to get set up as a Purchasing Coordinator. Once approved, you'll receive a Welcome Email with instructions to access the CTP Portal so you can start ordering. If you have any questions, contact us for more information. 


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All CTP orders are made through the CTP Portal. If you're an existing CTP user, log in to the Portal to complete your order. Keep in mind that not all CTP user roles have access to ordering. For help with the ordering process, download a CTP User's Manual from the Help and Resources section of the Portal.



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Packages and Pricing

2019-2020 Pricing

Pricing for CTP Online Testing Packages includes all score reporting and tests. Pricing for CTP 5 (paper) Reporting Packages includes all score reports only. Paper testing materials, such as test booklets and answer documents, are purchased separately to give our members the flexibility to purchase only the materials that their school needs. For help estimating the cost of paper test materials, please contact us.


CTP 5 (Paper) Reporting Package

$23.25 per Student* 

 CTP Online Testing Packages 

$22.00 per Student


Price includes score reporting only. Paper test materials, like test booklets and answer documents, are purchased separately.  Price includes a $1.25 scanning and processing fee.


Expiration and Refund Policy


Price includes all score reporting and tests.


Expiration and Refund Policy

*Plus the cost of test materials. To estimate the cost of paper test materials, please contact your ERB Consultant.  



Report Title

CTP 5 (Paper)

CTP Online

Achievement/Reasoning Consistency Report 1 1
Administrator’s Summary 1 1

Association Norm Report 

Shows multiple Association Norms in one report.

1 1
Group Instructional Summary 1 1
Individual Instructional Summary 1 1
Individual Student Report – Narrative Version 1 1
Individual Student Report – Subscore Version 1 1
Student Performance Analysis Report    

Content Standards Mastery Report 
Replaces Item Analysis.

1 1
Median Percentile Report 1 1
Primary Grade Parent Report 1 1
Primary Grade Teacher Report 1 1
Rank Order Listing 1 1
Student Roster 1 1
Student Roster Summary 1 1
Group History Report 1 1
Comprehensive Individual Student Report  1 1

Parent Guides: Understanding your Child’s Score An explanation of reports designed to share with parents.

1 1
Student Data Download

CTP 5 (Paper)

CTP Online

Student Data Download 

A CSV file compatible with TestWiz, TenMarks, Excel, and other external programs.

1 1
Customizable Data Download 1 1
Customizable Student Information Data Download Compatible with many student information systems.    

Expiration & Refund Policy

Our refund policies are detailed here.